Friday, January 12, 2007

Vega 1 Round 3

A Real Family At Last
Last time at the Vega house, Coqui continued raising her triplets; Aracely, England, and Temple. They grew to teens and left for college. Coqui continued her romance with the widower, Andre Holiday who "accidentally" knocked her up on one of their many dates. Pluto was born shortly after that. Andre came to visit him a lot, he is after all a family sim. He just had to wait for his daughter Venice to graduate college and take over the Holiday house before he and his son, Jupiter, could finally be with Coqui and Pluto.

Rachel: Andre, I see you all made it over here just fine.
Andre: Yes, we did, thank you. I'm SO happy to finally be here!
Rachel: Me too! It's been tearing me apart that you couldn't be the family I knew you wanted to be. But those are the rules, something about points. *Points at me* that chick said so.
Andre: So is what's been going on with Venice her fault too?
Rachel: I think so, but I can't prove it yet. By the way, what do you think of that whole thing?
Andre: You mean that my only daughter turned out to be a real slu... I can't even say it. I'm very upset. I thought I brought her up better than that. And she's carrying on with married men... it's just terrible. I could forgive the baby out of wedlock, I'd be a hypocrite not to, but she doesn't know who the father is and has no intention of finding out and marrying him.
Rachel: Maybe she'll turn around in time. Between the baby and the four dogs she has a lot of new responsibilities and that can really turn some people around.
Andre: I hope so. I just dream of having 6 of my kids get married.
Rachel: Well if Jupiter and Pluto get married, you'll still get there.
Andre: I know but she's my daughter, I always wanted to walk her down the aisle.
Rachel: I know. *looks at watch* Ot-oh Andre, you'd better get Jupiter to school! He's late.

Andre: Hop in Jupiter. You missed school from being sick yesterday and you're grades are in the dumps because of it.
Jupiter: Sure thing dad. Chariots away!

Rachel: So did Jupiter make it to school all right? And hey aren't you supposed to be at work today?
Andre: Yep, Jupiter made it. I just hope the teacher isn't too hard on him for being late. As for me, I took today off to go clothes shopping.
Rachel: Good idea.
Me: It's about time.
Andre: Hey!

Andre: There's my big boy! I missed you so much. You wanna meet the dog?

Rachel: Toddlers always love dogs. Too cute!

Rachel: I'm guessing by that look the teacher wasn't too happy with you're being late.
Jupiter: No Mame. I have a D+ going. It's not my fault I was sick.
Rachel: I know hun. Hey looks like you brought home a friend.

Rachel: Why it's Puma Lancaster, the newest social butterfly of Prosperity Point!

Rachel: Oh great, the nanny's here. What is she doing? Playing with fire! Great!!!
Me: *chanting* Burst into flames, burst into flames!

Me: Darn it!

Rachel: Way to go Coqui!
Coqui: Thanks! I'm very happy! One step closer to a Business Tycoon and my $100,000 goal!
Rachel: Wonderful! Andre did some shopping today and has put together a wedding for you guys. Are you ready?
Coqui: Oh yes!!! I'll call the kids!

Me: Oh boy it's finally here! I've never felt like 2 sims belonged together as much as these two do. Even before I found out both families were created by the same person, Vilma. I think it's because they each had a family but not someone to love. On a side note, Coqui laughed at her makeover, silly sims. Anyway, let's look at the beautiful pictures.

Me: Yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Looks like Coqui's son, England, started the customary wedding pillow fight. Maybe not quite so hard next time England, you might suffocate your wife.

Rachel: Wait a second, I thought this was a wedding. What are you doing by a cake Jupiter?
Jupiter: it's my birthday too. Dad said that I needed to grow up so he and Coqui could go on their honeymoon.
Rachel: I see. Go for it little man.

Me: one last look at the cutest kid ever.

Rachel: Looks like you grew up well. And you want a family too, just like your dad.
Jupiter: Yes, Mame. There's nothing like a family.
Rachel: You're right, nothing like it.

Rachel: This is a very unusual wedding, we've got potty training going on too.

Rachel: And the party is still a huge success, despite how unusual it was.

Rachel: Hey you guys came back really fast.
Andre: Yeah, we couldn't leave our boys for too long. Now if you don't mind, we'd like some time alone.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Andre why would you make such a poor decision?
Andre: I don't know, I didn't want to.
Me: *hanging head* Sorry, my bad.

Pluto: *giggling*

Rachel: Aww, Hannah loves Pluto. What a great dog!

Rachel: Jupiter, what are you doing meeting girls? You're supposed to be with my daughter.
Jupiter: What, Elizabeth and I were friends as kids? I haven't even seen her since before my birthday.
Rachel: Come on, call her.
Jupiter: All right, but I'm not promising anything.

Rachel: Congrats Andre! Looks like that donut decision didn't hurt you too much.

Rachel: And Congrats to you too Coqui!

Rachel: Elizabeth must be here.
Jupiter: Yeah and she's HOT!
Rachel: Oh Boy! Go flirt.
Jupiter: Give me a minute. *to self* Be cool, be cool.

Rachel: That went well! Oh boy!
Me: Wait they only have one bolt for each other, only two bolt couples can marry.
Rachel: Well that's just because Elizabeth is all into romance, I'm sure she'll grow out of that.
Me: if not, no marriage for them.
Rachel: *walks off pouting*
-awhile later-

Rachel: Jupiter, don't step on her foot. Try something else.

Rachel: There you go.

Rachel: Oh hey Coqui. I love the new look!
Coqui: Thanks. Andre picked out the dress.
Rachel: That man has good taste. Well let's get to Pluto's birthday.

Rachel: Did you take a break from your date to celebrate your little brother's birthday?
Jupiter: Yes mame.
Rachel: Get back to it.

Rachel: Yes!!!

Rachel: What's wrong Coqui?
Coqui: I don't mean so good.

Rachel: I guess we know why.

Rachel: Pluto, don't despair, your grades will pick up.

Rachel: Oh and Cougar came home with you today. Have some and then your parents will help you with your homework.

Rachel: See.
-The Next Afternoon-

Jupiter: All right!!!
Rachel: A+?
Jupiter: Nope, a B.
Rachel: Much better! You're getting there.

Rachel: Andre you sure are climbing up the ranks.
Andre: Yes mame, but I'm thinking about quiting.
Rachel: Why?
Andre: Coqui really would have been happy to be done having kids after Pluto, but I really wanted more childern. I don't really think it's fair to make her put her career on hold to care for them when I don't care about my career.
Rachel: A real Mr. Mom. Well that's great! Whenever you decide to quit we'll be behind you.

Rachel: Ummmm, cheesecake. Wait a minute Coqui are you sure you want to be eating that?
Coqui: Oh yes! Andre wants at least three more kids and I've heard eating cheesecake can give you twins. So that way I have to spend less time pregnant. He's been studying non-stop for the last two days to learn to make it.
Rachel: This is true. Well eat away girl, I think they're due anytime now.
-2 hours later-

Coqui: Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Andre get in here, your kids are on the way!!!!

Me: Just in time!

Coqui: Here's your son dear, Neptine.

Coqui: Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Coqui: And another boy, Mars!
Rachel: Congratulations you too! Two more strapping sons.
Rachel: What?
Me: They really need a daughter. Family names and houses are passed down through the girls here. Aracely already has a new house. These two need a daughter.
Rachel: Well Andre still wants one more, so they could still have a girl.

Rachel: Wait didn't you just have the twins?
Coqui: Yeah, but Andre is off. He's prefectly capable.

Jupiter: All right!!!
Rachel: A+?
Jupiter: Yep!
Rachel: I knew you could do it! Way to go!!!! Too bad just the nanny is here now so you had to cheer for yourself.

Rachel: Wow you're a wonder woman. First day back, just a few hours after having twins, and you're getting promoted. Very nice!!!
Coqui: Thanks! Now I'm off for 2 days.

Rachel: Oh hey, Pluto brought home an A+ too. Way to go little man!!!

Andre: So what do you think?
Coqui: I'm off for a couple days, we might as well.

Pluto: So then my dad and half brother moved in with us. I was very little then.
Rachel: Whose your friend PLuto?
Pluto: Shaunna something. She's nice, I really want to be her friend.
Me: Hum another potential match. He keeps having wants regarding her.

Rachel: Hey and another promtion for Andre! What about retiring?
Andre: Coqui has the next couple days off, so probably next week when she has to go back to work again.

Andre: For not wanting more kids she has really taken to the twins and loves them dearly.

Andre: Speaking of the twins, it's their birthday!

Rachel: Hey what happened? Neptune is still a baby.
Jupiter: Oh Neptune you sure do stink.
Rachel: Ahh dirty diaper.

Rachel: This random woman that came home with Andre will give him a bath and then we'll try it again. IN the meantime, try Mars.

Coqui: He looks so much like England!

Andre: And Neptune looks like Jazz!
Rachel: So cool! One twin looks like Coqui's kids and the other like Andre's.

Rachel: I see you decided to have one more for Andre.
Coqui: Sure did. It will make him so happy and he said he would do most the work, not that I mind raising my kids by the way.

Coqui: See, no problem.

Rachel: Doing some baking Andre?
Andre: Yep, Cheesecake.

Rachel: Wait I thought you only wanted one more?
Andre: yeah well, I heard what that giant voice from the sky was saying that we need a girl. Well I figured twins would give us better odds.
Rachel: True.

Rachel: And Jupiter is off to college! $4,000, nice job!
Jupiter: Thanks!

Me: so that ends our time with the Vega family. I'm so happy are finally together.
2 Points this round for Mars and Neptune.


Mao said...

Awww, that's really sweet. Finally together! And twins! Twins everywhere. And more on the way, thanks to cheesecake. Coqui and Andre sure have a houseful.

It's strange to see "they need to have a girl!" Hooray for the females! Here's hoping one of the twins is a girl.

PRMami said...

It's funny that I should be reading this JUST after I ended my 4th round in Andre's Lot in my game lol
and guess what? he had a set of cheesecake twins too but 2 girls that are identical in looks :)I'm going after his IW and baby #10 will be born in the next round =D

When I 1st started playing I thought about putting those two together but they were destined to be with others due to higher bolt strength. When they see each other on community lots they have hearts for each other but thats it as they are both in 3 bolt relationships with other Sims.

Coqui looks really good and I love her dress very nice! Glad to see Andre is finally getting new clothes lol

Loved the update! I'm glad the 2 families are together ;)

Bubbs said...

Poor Andre, such dreams for Venice, gone....

Toilet training makes for great parties? Hmm, have to remember that, lol.

Cute twins...can't wait to see the next pair.

ruby said...

Okay the growing up I can see helping the party rating, but the toilet training Too funny! Only you Rachel
I love Coqui's new look, she is simply gorgeous and the new hairdo, I love it!
Gorgeous wedding and lovely dress!
I'm so jazzed these two are finally hitched & happy

Kerry said...

What a great family! So cute how they support one another's wants. Hey, I love Shaunna's hair, and Mars' toddler hair! They look great.

ASimWen said...

Oh wait! I read this one!!! But I didn't comment. I am now. :) hehehe

Fairy D said...

Yes! I agree it was sooo time for these two to be together. I am very happy now.
Congrats on the twins and I hope the next twins are both girls.

Shaunna said...

Great update. I love Coqui's new look, that has to be my favorite CC hair...I have to resist putting it on every sim!

Hmmm...Pulto and Shaunna...well, I have to say I like that name!

Charity said...

Together at last! I think they really were meant to be.
Hopefully they'll have a girl, but those are some good looking boys!
I can't wait to see if it works out with Elizabeth and Jupiter.

SGT Heather said...

Well Jupiter grew up into a really cute teen! Andre has a knack for producing good looking offspring.

ciyrose said...

Awww...the kids are all so cute! I'm so glad they are finally together and happy. So sweet!