Sunday, January 28, 2007

Rosada 2 Round 3

Expect the Unexpected
Last time at Rosada House 2, Danielle and William bought a new house after graduating from college. They got married, got jobs and got pregnant. Carrot and Zucinni were born shortly after that.

Rachel: Hi guy.... Oh sorry.
William: It's all right. So you've come back to see us again I see.
Rachel: Yes and I'm sorry that your Grandfather James passed away. How you doing?
William: OK. I'm upset but I'll be OK.
Rachel: That's good, glad you're doing OK.

Rachel: What's going on with you Danielle?
Danielle: Not much.
Me: Ask her why she wants to flirt with Zeno.
Rachel: What? What makes you think that?
Me: Just ask her.
Rachel: No, crazy.

Rachel: Congratulations William!

Rachel: Wow, it's already the twins' birthday! *Singing* Happy Birthday...

Rachel: Oh Carrot you're so handsome. But what's with the pink
Carrot: It matches my skin.
Rachel: I see, well let's see how your brother does.


Zucinni, you are handsome as well. But pink PJs too?Zucinni: We're twins, we need to match, at least our PJs.
Rachel: *Shrugs* OK

Danielle: What a nice kitty.
Rachel: Oh so you think you might adopt this critter?
Danielle: I hope so sometime, once we get to know each other better.

Rachel: What are you doing now Danielle?
Danielle: William and I decided that once we reach the top of our careers I'd like to open a beauty shop. I thought I'd get some practice in the meantime.
Rachel: Good plan.

Danielle: Oops, let me try again.

Melissa: What's the deal? I thought we were friends.
Danielle: Give me one more chance. I swear I'll get it this time.

Danielle: So what do you think?
Rachel: I think it's lovely, very
Mariah Carrey. Who knew Melissa was this pretty?
Melissa: I love it!

William: Thanks for coming over Amy.
Me: You know William, maybe now isn't the best time to be thinking about the WooHoo you and Danielle just had.
William: *looks at
sim Rachel* Did you say something?
Rachel: No.

William: Oh and thanks for bringing along a friend Amy.
Lynn: Thanks for having me. I'm Lynn.
William: Nice to meet you.

William: I'm sorry Sophie.
Rachel: are you trying your hand at makeovers too?
William: Yeah, I thought I could help Danielle out once she opens her shop. I'm afraid I'm not good though.
Rachel: Give it another shot.

Rachel: Much better.

Shhhh, William is helping Zucinni with his homework.
-Goes away for a bit and comes back-

Shhhh, now William is helping Carrot with his homework.
-the next morning-
Danielle: Oh no!
Rachel: What happened Danielle? I sort of thought you guys were waiting until you got further in your careers before having more kids.
Danielle: We were. We were so
careful.Me: Ahh Risky WooHoo strikes again!
Danielle: What was that?
Rachel: Oh nothing.

Rachel: wow, another promotion! Nice work
-The next day-

William: I'm so proud of my boys. They both brought home their first A+s today! How should we celebrate?

William: Cheesecake is always a great way to celebrate.
Rachel: Wait did Danielle have any?
William: I'm not sure.
Rachel: *Looks at me* wait I thought you were cutting back on cheesecake twins.
Me: I am. Only couple where one of them is family minded. Ask him what the most important thing in the world is.
Rachel: William what's the most important thing in the world?
William: Your family.
Me: See.
Zucinni: He-ya
-The Following day while William is at work-

Rachel: Looks like the time has arrived.
Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! I'm SO NOT doing this again!

Danielle: Meet our first daughter, Tomato.
Rachel: wait I thought
Tomatoes were Fruits now?Me: They were always veggies when I was growing up, so a veggie it is.

Rachel: I guess she had the cheesecake.

Danielle: And a third son, Squash.
Rachel: OK, Squash is a gourd.
Me: It is, hummmm, oh well. It's in the fruits and vegetables section of the grocery store.
Rachel: You mean Produce?
Me: Oh yeah.
Rachel: Well Danielle you sure do have a couple more beautiful babies.
Danielle: Thanks. And now we have an heir in Tomato, so no more babies.
Me: We shall see, these two weren't planned.
Next Day-

Me: That was just funny.

Rachel: wow, congrats to both of you!

Rachel: Oh boy and it's the baby twins' birthday! Uh and we have visitors again.

Rachel: Tomato sure is pretty.

Rachel: What is Squash wearing? What's the deal with the pink tux? All right he's handsome anyway.

Danielle: And the Momma Bear said....

Rachel: So cute Emma Leigh is playing with Squash.
Me: Yeah, they're already friends too!

Danielle: My little girl is such a fast learner. She already learned how to walk!

Rachel: Well I guess it's time for me to go. Just keep teaching Tomato to talk and I'll let myself out.
Points: 2 for the unexcepted twins. When she got pregnant accidentally I figured why not go ahead and have twins?
Note that no one here got the Lancaster orange skin either. I guess the Rosada's skin is just more powerful. And for anyone wondering where Zachary and Aquamarine's kids got their red hair, William and Zachary are brothers. Aquamarine and Danielle are sisters by the way.


Bubbs said...

Great update! Love how that risky woo-hoo keeps getting you. Hehehe! Love the names and the kids. I wonder when the other skin tone will show up? Can't wait to see how many more vegies they have at this house.

Fairy D said...

Ok now I'm hooked. Where do I get risky woohoo?
I can't wait to read more about this family.

Twoyys4me said...

How fun! Your Sims love their babies... Welcome to Tomato and Squash.. loving these name themes you have going.
The townie makeovers were great! Melissa and Sophie clean up really well.

Kay said...

Really enjoyed reading the update! Loved the makeovers and the veggie names. Very fun! Cute kids too :)

ruby said...

Loved the maid laughing at the nanny! OMG that was hilarious!
great update, I'm still too chicken to try the risky woohoo, too much of a control freak. Nicely done and adorable kids!

ASimWen said...

Well now let's see here. The kids seem to be growing up in pink. hmmmmm hhehehe My Danielle Rosada hasn't had any kids yet...think she will probably have baby outside of marriage. lol Yes all the kids are beautiful. I love risky-woo hoo too!

Shaunna said...

I chuckle every time a baby is born in this house. The names are too adorable for words :)

Charity said...

I love this naming scheme! Yay for risky Woohoo! Those townie makeovers were hilarious. Too bad they let you fix them, could you imagine being at the Cryp'O'Night club seeing one of those dancing away oblivious to what they looke like! LOL!
I agree with the maid! Point and laugh at the nannies whenever you can.

Galena said...

Going back through and seeing how little I actually commented. Also noticing how the genetics play out. That's always fun.

ciyrose said...

Awww...more pink babies here. A part of me loves the fact I'm so far behind because it means I can just keep reading without having to wait. :)