Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rosada 1 Round 3

Baby Mania
Last visit Zachary & Aquamarine returned from college, got married and got busy. Making a family that is. Their first set of twins were Royal and Navy, followed shortly after by a second set of twins (both cheesecaked) Ulatramarine (girl) and Metro. Strangely all four kids got their mother's skin tone of blue. I wonder what their next kids will be?
Have you ever had a house you were both excited to get back to and scared to get back to? Yeah, that is how I felt about this house.
Before we start in with the story check out Aquamarine's Wants panel.

She literally just gave birth to the second set of twins before I left this lot last time and she already wants another. She's officially crazy! Now for what happened this week.

Rachel:Hey Aqua, how's it going?
Aquamarine: Very busy, oh but how I love my babies!
Rachel: looks like you've got a couple old bottles there. Do you need a hand?
Aqua: No thanks. The maid will be here soon. Oh how I can't wait to have more babies.
Rachel: Are you feeling all right? Let me take your temperature. This would be driving me crazy!
Aqua: No problem for me. You see I took this class called Toddler Mania and it taught me everything I need to know to take care of up to 7 toddlers at once. Really 2 toddlers and 2 infants are easy compared to that.
Rachel: You do have a point there.

Aqua: I even have time to teach the boys all their toddler skills.

Rachel: Where's Zachary?
Aqua: Work.
Rachel: What? Work? He left you all alone with 4 kids right after giving birth?
Aqua: I told him to go. Toddler Mania is a really good class.

-Zachary returns from work-

Aqua: *Shouting* Hey honey!
Zachary: Hey dear!
Aqua: Can you grab Metro? He needs his diaper changed and I need to feed Ultramarine.

Zachary: Sure can.

Rachel: Wow, you two sure do make a great team.
Zachary: Sure do. Aqua can handle it herself, but I'm more than happy to help out.

Rachel: Hey I think there are some visitors outside.

Zachary: Yeah we invited some friends over to meet the twins, wait the newest twins. There are few things in life better than good friends.
Rachel: This is true. You'd better get out there though the wolf is terrorizing Wendy.

Zachary: The boys sure do love our friends. Royal has taken to Barbra Ryan here.
Me: Oh boy!
Zachary: What was that?
Rachel: Oh it's nothing.

Me: Never had this before, a four way birthday.

Rachel: *Singing* Happy birthday dear Royal...

...and Navy...

...and Metro...

...*gasping for breath* and Ultramarine Happy Birthday to you!

Rachel: Wait a minute Ultramarine already went to her cake.
Aqua: She had a dirty diaper.
Rachel: Ahh.
-About a minute passes and nothing happens-
Rachel: What are you waiting for?
Aqua: Aren't you going to sing?
Rachel: *sigh, then singing* Happy Birthday Dear Ultramarine, Happy Birthday to you!

Rachel: Well I have to say all the kids grew up to be quite lovely.
Aqua: Thank you. Time for more *runs off*
Rachel Wait! What?

Rachel: Oh, sorry.
-Several hours pass as it took a good 5 times and she doesn't get pregnant again-

Rachel: Wow and you still have energy to train the younger twins.
Aqua: No big deal.

Rachel: Hey you're in your undies. Pregnant yet?
Aqua: I have a good feeling this time.

Rachel: Hey boys. Looks like you guys are getting along well.
Royal: Having a twin is cool
Rachel: Yes it is. You can go back to playing now. You don't need to talk to the adult lady anymore.
Royal: Thanks.

Rachel: Oh, shhh, Zachary is teaching Royal to study and...

...and Aqua is helping Navy....

...and Ultramarine is sleeping.
Me: Simmer's note. I have no idea why I took this picture, but it was adorable.

Aqua: You know I think there's something to this cheesecake. I had some the last two times I was pregnant and had twins, so why not do it again?
Rachel: Cause you already have 4 kids.
Aqua: What's 2 more?

Rachel: I guess there's no doubt now.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Oh wow Zachary, congratulations!
Zachary: Thanks, I couldn't be happier! Now I can devote my full attention to the kids and Aqua.
Rachel: What a great husband.

Rachel: Umm, Zach remember how you said you were going to give your full attention to your family? Navy got an A+. Zach?

Rachel: Hum, little Royal is making friends with a lot of girls.

Rachel: Seriously, more birthdays? *sigh* All right *sings*

Rachel: That's much better Zach.
Zach: So you sprinkle some powdered sugar and then shove a bunch in your mouth.

*Beep, Beep. Beep*
Rachel: Aqua, step away from the stove! It's on fire for crying out loud! Some Celebrity Chef!

Aqua: Ahhhh!!!!
-The fire-woman shows up and puts it out-
-The next Day-

Ultramarine: Dad, Mom's yelling and cursing!!!
Rachel: Oh boy, babies!

Aqua: Meet our second daughter, Scarlet.

Aqua: And a third, Burgandy. Now we have 3 of each.

Rachel: They are adorable and all blue. How do you feel about that Zach?
Zach: All my children are beautiful. I hope at least one will carry my skin tone, but if not maybe their children will.
Rachel: Wait you mean you want more?
Zach: Why not?

Me: Oh look who Metro has met! It's Katie Kaufman from toddler mania!

Rachel: Well it's almost dawn and I need to be on my way to the next house. Bye Aquamarine, Zachary, Royal...

...Metro, Navy, Ultramarine, John Boy, wait, not John Boy...

...*whispering now* Burgandy and Scarlet. They're a lot of them, but they are a nice family.

Points: 3, 2 for Scarlet and Burgandy, 1 for Zachary's Top of Career


Twoyys4me said...

wow, Aqua sure loves having kids! What a gorgeous bunch of blue-skinned red heads! and more twins on the way?! LOL.
So glad Zachary made it to perma plat- that should help!
nice house.. ;)

PRMami said...

Holey Cow ! How did you do it with all those toddlers?
Are you going for the 10 kid want ?

Seems Aqua has good pregnancies sometimes I have my family moms not have so many kids due to her not taking the pregnancies well

Spinn said...

I can understand why you were scared.. and exited. One big happy family! I started to play a few of TSR's challenges and I've realised that I'm having way more babies than I usually do. Perhaps reading your blog is contagious..

Melissa said...

I was thinking you were going to name them all shades of blue, but you threw me with Scarlet and Burgandy. They are all really cute. More Cheesecake Twins in the future?

Bubbs said...

Wow! Two sets of twins and you go for a third? Great group of kids there with their blue skin. Sorry Zack, they look like their mom. Where is the red hair from?

Mao said...

Wow, look at all those kids! And cheesecake! And they're all twins. The cheesecake certainly makes it easier to fulfill the 10 kids want, that's for sure.

They're all blue, too... that's a shame. And there doesn't seem to be any clones. Hmm, I wonder if any will get Zachary's coloring?

ASimWen said...

Awww such a happy family. :) I am glad to see it. :)

Fairy D said...

Another happy family with lots of twins and they are all so happy.
Great update.

ruby said...

wooo doggie! that had my head spinning! I can only imagine what it was like for you. And no adoptions I am wickedly impressed!

Shaunna said... When I saw the pic with all the stinky bottles I thought for a minute it was the toddler mania challenge... ;)

Charity said...

Awww blue babies everyehere! It's too bad none of them had Zach's skin tone, though. Can't wait for more of them!

ciyrose said...

Wow this was toddler mania there for a while. Super cute kids each and everyone. Too bad they are all blue...but they look great.

Chrissy Brown said...

Aww, the kids are so cute :) but what a shame that they don't have Zack's skin...