Monday, January 22, 2007

Ribeiro 3 Round 3

Granny Panties
Last visit was all about the wedding. Bethany and Zeno returned from college and started planning the wedding right away. Aside from the fist fights between Wen Simmers and Venice Holiday everything went really well here. They decided not to have a baby right awayso Bethany could work towards her goal of Criminal Mastermind. She went ahead and got pregnant when she had a stretch of days off so she wouldn't miss much work. Jewel was born moments before I had to leave the lot.

Rachel: Hey guys!
Bethany: Hey!
Rachel: How's it going?

Bethany: Zeno got us a cat. We JUST had a baby and he got a cat.
Zeno: What?
Me: and he calls himself a family sim.
Zeno: What was that?
Rachel: Pay no attention to her.

Zeno: Anyway this is Baxter. He's an elder kitty.
Bethany: Not just a cat but an old cat. You know Jewel will get attached to him and then he'll dye.
Zeno: I didn't think of that. Blame Rose, she sold him to me.

Zeno: I couldn't resist though. Look how playful he is.
Bethany: He is cute. Maybe it's just the hormons.
-Bethany and Zeno sneak off for a lot of private time while Rachel plays with the Baxter-

Rachel: Hey what are you guys.... Oh sorry.
Bethany: That's OK, we're done. We figureed we should get working on another kid since I have a couple days off again after tonight. I think one of those 5 times took.
Rachel: Holy... um, OK.
Me: Yep these two really can't get enough of each other. They have constant wants for... stuff, you know.

Bethany: Whose the itty-bitty baby?
Rachel: What's that?

Bethany: Zeno was just doing some baking.
Rachel: Wait! Too late.
-Awhile later-

Bethany: I guess one of those did take.
-That night-

Rachel: Oh hey your mom and sister are here!
Bethany: Yep, it's Jewel's birthday!

Me: Someone want to wake her up.

Rachel: She definately takes after Zeno's side except she has her grandma Aimee's hair.

Rachel: I see little Jewel is a social butterfly of the house.
Bethany: Yep making friends early.
Zeno: I wonder if she and Vincent Simmers will hit it off?
Rachel: Only time will tell.

Zeno: Well, my baby is one smart cookie. She learned to use the potty...

...walk and...

...and talk all on the same bottle of smart milk.
Rachel: No way! Really?
Bethany: I'll back him up. She's some kind of genious. I'm so proud!

Bethany: Besides teaching my daughter everything I can during my maternity leave, I also worked on a bunch of skills.

Rachel: You sure do love being a father, don't you Zeno?
Zeno: Definately!
Rachel: that's good, cause Bethany's in labor again.
Zeno: Yippee!!!

Rachel: Who have we here?
Bethany: This is Rem. He's so handsome and smart too I bet. He'll... ahhhh!!!

Me: As if there was any doubt she was having twins!

Bethany: Wow, twins!
Rachel: Yeah, they're common around here.

Bethany: Oh well. This is Sarah.
Rachel: They are both adorable. Where's Zeno?
Bethany: He had to go to work. He'll be back later.

Rachel: Hey Zeno, welcome home! Lots of congratulations are in order!
Zeno: Thanks! I was upset I had to run and miss the twin's birth. I think there's a baby that needs to be changed. *runs inside*
Rachel: Wow, Super Dad!
-Awhile Later-

Rachel: Oh no Bethany! I guess sneaking out wasn't such a good idea.
Bethany: Nope.
Rachel: Hey though we have a triple birthday!
Bethany: Well that's exciting!

Bethany: Look at those beautiful violet eyes!

Rachel: Wait she didn't grow up.
Zeno: Yeah dirty diaper. We'll get to it in a bit.

Rachel: He takes after Zeno too!
-The following day-

Rachel: I see you got your job back and got promoted!
Bethany: Yes mame. The big boss brought me back and reccognized my skills.
Rachel: Well wonderful!

Rachel: Looks like more congratulations are in order.
Bethany: I told Zeno that since I've achieved my lifetime dream, I'd have as many kids as he wants.
Rachel: Wait, as many as he wants? That might not have been the best choice of words.

Bethany: He's busy helping Jewel learn her cooking skills.

Bethany: He did make some cheesecake first though.
Rachel: *Shakes head*

Rachel: This is such a busy house with the twins and Bethany being pregnant.

Me: Sorry this is the first shot of Sarah as a tot, I don't know that happened.
Bethany: I wonder if there is a sister in there for Sarah or a brother?
Rachel: Me too!
Me: Time to go.
Rachel: What? She's about to pop!
Me: Sorry. You have no idea how much I'd like to stay, but those are the rules.
Rachel: Grrrr....

Points: 2 additional sims: 2 pts.
2 Top of Career: 2 pts.
4 pts total

Also LTW for Bethany!


Kerry said...

Nice family. The Sylvaen eyes came out strongly in my game, too--either violet or green for all the kids, Zeno's, Amethyst's, and Velo's.

Galena said...

The naming scheme is band/singers right?
That's all I could come up with. Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, REM.

I feel sorry for Bethany agreeing to have as many kids as Zeno wants.

Twoyys4me said...

What a great update. I'm so glad Bethany got her job back! I was thinking 'Oh No!' when she got fired. Hate those chance cards- but I usually always play them.
Can't wait to see the rest of the family as they grow onward and upwards!
How great that they are both top of career too. :)

Spinn said...

Thank you for a very interesting journey! It took me a few days to get through these entries, but now I'm awaiting further updates.. :)

ASimWen said...

Things crazy around here...trying to read a few blogs. :)

I love those eyes...Sylvaen eyes. I don't have that family in my game. :) Nice. I love the elder kitty. I need to get one of my Sims to run a pet shop. :)

Fairy D said...

Poor Bethany she'll live to regret telling Zeno that she'll have as many kids as he wants.
I have a feeling we'll be seeing lots of twins in this house.

Shaunna said...

A very productive update. I love Jewel's eyes. Mater of fact I love that the kids are taking after dad. Excited to see what the bun in the oven looks like!

Charity said...

I think one of those 5 times took. LOL!
That is one smart kid! I've got to use smart milk more!
Poor Bethany - destined to give birth to 10 kids.

ciyrose said...

The eyes on all the kids are so pretty! Bethany may wish she never offered Zeno to have as many as he wanted...but at least they will be cute! lol :)