Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rosada 4 Round 4

What do you do with a Platinum Sim?
Last time Adrian and Ariana welcomed a new puppy, Samuel who grew into a lovely adult dog and had puppies. Twins Rogue and Logan grew into very attractive children. Soon Ariana discovered she was pregnant once again and thanks to some cheesecake she delivered another set of twins, Dusk and Kent.

Rachel: Hi there Adrian. Do you really think that fixing the elevator yourself is such a good idea?
Adrian: Sure, why not? I've mastered all my skills. Fixing an elevator is a snap.
Rachel: Well that's good I suppose. Hey you'll save a lot of money on repairmen.

Rachel: Oh hi there dear.
Rogue: Hi. This is my friend Pie.
Rachel: I know dear, he's my grandson.
Rogue: Oh, well I still think he's nice anyway.
Rachel: I'll just assume you didn't mean anything by that dear.
Rogue: He's here for my birthday.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Rogue!

Rachel: Well dear you sure did grow up lovely and with a nice looking outfit too. So what are you looking for out of life?

Rogue: I would like to have a great big family.

Rogue: And I'd really like to raise 20 puppies or kittens.
Rachel: So how are you going to have a big family and lots of puppies?
Rogue: I haven't quite worked that out yet.
Rachel: Hum, well you just keep us up to date on that one.

Rachel: Happy birthday to you too Logan!

Rachel: And you are a very handsome young man Logan. So what are you looking for?

Logan: Knowledge sure would be sweet.
Rachel: Uh, yes it would.

Logan: And I'd really like to be a great teacher one day.
Rachel: What a wonderful goal.

Rachel: What are you guys talking about?
Rogue: *giggling* Nothing.
Rachel: Better not be about me.

Rachel: Is a noogie really a good idea Rogue?

Rachel: Who knew it would work on him?

Rachel: Looks like you're keeping yourself busy Adrian.
Adrian: Yeah. Having met my lifetime goal I don't have a lot to do most of the time. Thankfully the twins keep me occupied.

Rachel: Suzi, back away slowly. Don't bark at the skunk.

Rachel: Awe man. Let's find the tomato juice.

Rachel: Oh congratulations Ariana!

Rachel: So Logan what do you think of Lynn?
Logan: She's OK for a grown up and stuff.
Rachel: We'll have to see what you think when you get older.
Logan: Whatever, she's good to play chess with.

Rachel: Johny you look exactly like Suzi. Now I won't be able to keep you two straight.

Rachel: Oh boy, the other twins' birthday!

Rachel: Oh Dusk you sure are lovely.
Dusk: Uh thanks lady.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Kent!

Rachel: You sure are a cutie pie Kent.
Kent: Sure.

Rachel: Still working with the twins Adrian?
Adrian: Of course. Dusk needs some more charisma.

Rachel: Oh my.
Me: Yeah these two have a lot of chemistry. I foresee many children in their future.
Rachel: many? really?
Me: At least one.
Rachel: Oh

Rogue: You suppose maybe you would want to sorta go steady?

Pie: Uh sure.

Ariana: How'd this happen?
Rachel: Do I really need to tell you?

Rachel: Yep Adrian is still helping the twins. I wonder if he'll have more twins to help out?

Rachel: Holy crap, quick Ariana to the energizer! No, stop getting out and complaining that you're hungry or tired. Thank you!

Ariana: Ahhhhhh
Rachel: What happened?
Ariana: I've been so distracted with this pregnancy.
Rachel: But you have all your cooking skills.
Ariana: I know!

Rachel: Thank you Mr. Fireman Guy.

Rachel: A+ Way to go Dusk!!!

Kent: Bang, bang.
Dusk: Ah he got me.
Rachel: These two are so cute.

Rachel: New job Adrian?
Adrian: Yeah, the twins are getting older and they don't need me so much.

Logan: Dad!!! I don't think you did such a good job fixing the elevator.

Rachel: See Adrian they skill need you.
Adrian: I know they do.

Adrian: Plus I've taken up a new hobby, gardening.
Rachel: Great idea!

Ariana: Shoeflee!!!!
Rachel: Ahhhh!!! Baby time!!!!

Rachel: So, boy or girl?
Ariana: It's a boy! He has red hair like his uncle.
Rachel: Name?
Ariana: Parker. After Peter Parker.
Rachel: Peter Parker?
Ariana: Spiderman. We are big fans of the first two movies.
Rachel: Not the 3rd?
Ariana: I'd rather not talk about the 3rd.

Rachel: Look now you have someone else to take care of.
Adrian: I know and I love it!

Rachel: Wow time flies. It seems like he was just born yesterday.
Me: He was, before 6PM.
Rachel: OK... Whatever. Happy Birthday Parker!

Adrian: And straight to the potty we go.

Rachel: Adrian, what are you doing? Don't you know it's storming outside?
Adrian: Yeah, I really want to get struck by lightning.
Rachel: Why?
Adrian: It'd be cool.
Rachel: Hummm...

Rachel: Holy crap!!!!

Rachel: Are you happy now?
Adrian: That was SO cool!
Rachel: You're nuts

Rachel: Congrats on your gardening. What's wrong?
Adrian: It's SO dirty out here.
Rachel: It's raining, they're called puddles. They'll go away.
Adrian: it's driving me crazy!
Rachel: Can we say OCD?

Rachel: Wow, it's time to go already? Congrats Logan!

Rachel: Way to go Rogue! Can't wait to see you kids off at college!

Hehe, look at Adrian in this picture.
Points: 2
1 for Parker
1 for Money

This house has a minor glitch. Everytime I wash a dog the dog gets stuck and I have to delete them. I've even tried a new tub, so these guys might be moving soon especially since the heiress, Miss Rogue wants to raise so many dogs.


Infinity-Nevermore said...

I haven't had that LTW yet. I'm glad. Sorry about the flu, but I'm glad for an update. Yeah, platinum Sims are hard to keep busy, especially Knowledge ones who've maxed all their skills. Rogue is beautiful and Logan is cute. Congrats on Parker.

Sally said...

Ha - I like the post title. Yep I often get bored with platinum sims unless I have some specific storyline going for them. You sure do like busy households, all those kids and bithrdays! Logan is a real cutie, and it's sweet how Rogue has alreasdy found her future hubby.

SirenPrincess said...

Ohh, I really like Rogue and Pie together. Thanks for the update.

Cait said...

I'm catching up and it's a long time before I get to the end, but I figured you wouldn't see a comment on one of the earlier posts.

I notice your nannies put the kids on the floor all the time. In case you haven't figured out why, yet, I thought I'd tell you it's your custom cribs. They don't know what to do with those. My nannies always put the babies on the floor if they don't have a maxis made crib. I LOVE the custom cribs, but never use them for just that reason. Babies all over the floor. LOL

ASimWen said...

Great update, as usual. :)

ciyrose said...

Another fun update. Great job with keeping busy. :)

Chrissy Brown said...

Aww, the kids are so beautiful :)
Also great update :)