Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kirkendall 1- Round 5

Hot Ass!
You guessed it another new lot. Metro
Rosada is brother to the guys from our last house. He met Temperance Kirkendall when she was on a home date with his brother, Royal. Knowing that Royal was the love 'em and leave 'em type Metro didn't see anything wrong with flirting with Temperance. Turns out Royal did care but has since forgotten about it so I guess he only sorta cared. The brothers don't really speak but also don't fight. They pretty much just ignore that the other exists.
Me: Let's check LTWs.

Me: These two are peas in a pod with very do-able LTWs.

Rachel: Hi kids, doing some shopping?
Metro: Sure are. My outfit really isn't so bad but Temperance wanted something a little more her style. Plus we need wedding attire.
Rachel: Oh boy, a wedding!

Rachel: Wow this is your yard? It's breath taking!

Rachel: What a lovely ceremony. Wait is that Royal?
Temperance: Ah yes. Despite our terrible date, Royal and I are close friends now. It's water under the bridge. That was high school after all.
Rachel: I'm glad the two of you are adults about it.

Rachel: Awe the first dance. Is Royal drinking in the background? hum. . .

Rachel: Speaking of firsts.

Rachel: Baby? Maybe.

Temperance: Have some cake sweetie.

Rachel: Ah the party was a success and Temperance sure does look hungry. Hum. . .

Rachel: Welcome to the family Tommy. We haven't seen you in a very long time.

Rachel: Who is this?
Metro: Meet our new dog, Olivia.
Rachel: Welcome to Prosperity Point Olivia.

Rachel: Temperance was hungry again. What are you mak. . . Temperance, you're ON FIRE!!!
Temperance: I've heard of having a hot ass but this is ridiculous!

Temperance: Where are those stupid firefighters?!?!?
Rachel: Stay away from the light!

Firefighter: Sorry I took so long mame.
Temperance: I almost died you moron!
Firefighter: Well, be more careful next time. Bye.
Rachel: Quick eat something Temperance.
Temperance: OK.

Rachel: Awe look the doggies are getting along.

Rachel: Maybe not.

Rachel: Baby! Wait, were you pregnant when you were on fire?
Temperance: Sure was.
Rachel: Thank goodness then.
Temperance: Thanks for your concern for MY well being.
Rachel: Not what I meant.

Rachel: OK, good sign.

Rachel: Playing, very good sign.

Rachel: Yes! Puppies on the way!

Temperance: Holy crap, this hurts worse than being on fire!

Temperance: Meet our son, Marius.
Rachel: What a. . . French name. How did you come up with it?
Temperance: Well. . .
Me: Wait a minute! No cheating Rachel. The people have to figure it out on their own.

Marius: *thinks* No pictures please.
-The next day-

Rachel: Awe there he is, just in time for his birthday cake.

Rachel: He definitely takes after his mom.
Temperance: Why thank you.

Rachel: Woo! Congrats Metro!
Metro: Thanks! Now I can concentrate on helping Marius learn so Temperance can focus on her career.
Rachel: Great idea!

Metro: OK, one foot in front of the other.

Metro: Say dada, dada.
Marius: Nah!

Rachel: Congrats Temperance!
Temperance: Thanks! One step closer.

Rachel: Puppies!

Rachel: Welcome Sarah and Kevin. Can't wait to see you guys grow up.

Rachel: A new momma and getting promotions. Way to go girl!

Rachel: Bye puppies.

Temperance: No, don't take Sarah!
Rachel: she'll go to a good home. It'll be OK.

Temperance: Would you guys like to move in Navy?
Navy: Sure, why not?
Rachel: Wait, who just moved in?
Temperance: Just Navy, Sariss and Daniel. You know how Prosperity Point wants to reduce households?
Rachel: Yes.
Temperance: Well, Royal will be moving in with Eleah so we thought we'd reduce a household.
Rachel: Wait, you think Royal is moving in with us?
Temperance: Yeah! Eleah is all he can talk about. He wants to be with her desperately.
Rachel: Maybe he can be true to my daughter.

Rachel: Dang! Too bad Temperance.

Rachel: Good job Olivia!

Rachel: Well, I guess it's time to go now. See you all next week.
Points: 7
5 for money (Only $750 was brought with those moving in)
1 for Marius
1 for Top of Career for Metroiss


ASimWen said...

I know what you mean about reducing households. Heh. Nice to see Temperance Kirkendall. :) I am up to something like 29 in my hood now...lemme check....Yup, 29. I play them FAST. lol

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Hot Ass=giggle fits. Anyway, I am very fond of Temperance Kirkendall, whatever form she takes. And the baby is cute. Marius, Marius... have you been browsing Anne Rice? I'm almost afraid to ask how many households you have. But considering you were the one with 150 people to put through college...

Kerry said...

Oh, poor Temperance! That must have hurt. I like the household reduction ordinance. Makes life easier for you! Plus, maybe it reduces the temptation to have too many babies :)

Bubbs said...

Oh my! She almost died in a fire! That could have been bad...

Merging households? That will be an interesting thing in your hood. :)

flickguy said...

I know the naming scheme! If they have a girl you can name her Eponine! (Or Cosette.)

You're naming them after characters from Les Miserable.

Am I right? Huh? Am I?

Now that I'm a Darren-come-lately to your Prosperity blog, I know I'm going to want to go back and read past entries... but Prosperity blogs are so... *daunting*! Still, you have me from this point forward. So that's something, at least... right?

SweeneyToddIsEpic said...

(starts to sing) my name is Marius Pontmercy...(stops)

Sorry, got caught up in the moment. Anyway, I just gave you a very large hint that I have an idea what the naming theme is. (Les Miserables is my second favorite musical, so ya)

ciyrose said...

Yeah, I'm with the others, heard Marius and instantly went to Les Miserable. I'll have to wait and see for sure, but that would be great! :)

The merging households is probably a good idea, and will be interesting to see. :)

I love Temperance, I really need to get back into Fellowship One to see how she grows up.