Saturday, January 10, 2009

Simmers 1 - Round 6

Money for Nothing and Your Chicks for Free
Last time Wen's daughter O'Keefe and her boyfriend Scorpian, returned from college. O'Keefe's brother, Vincent was still here with his wife Amethyst. They moved out at the end of the week. Wen found herself pregnant one last time but this time with Bacillus' child. O'Keefe found out she was pregnant around the same time. Wen had a daughter, Dali, right before her birthday. On her mom's birthdya, O'Keefe also had a daughter, Monet. Wen's son, DaVinci grew up to a child. They also adopted a couple cats, Misty and Dave but they aren't getting along so no kittens so far.

Rachel: Hi there Wen and Miss Dali!
Wen: Hi Rachel. I'm just teaching my final baby how to walk.
Rachel: It looks like she's picking it up quite well.

Rachel: Oh and Monet is getting walking lessons too. Wow Dali is a little dancing queen there.
Me: It's so cute isn't it?
Rachel: Very.

Rachel: I thought O'Keefe was teaching her to walk.
Wen: She was but she had to go to work. Come to grandma.

Rachel: Great job Bacillus!
Bacillus: Thank you! I love providing for my family and Wen's.

Rachel: A+?
DaVinci: Yes Mame! I did it!!!
Rachel: Nice little man.

Rachel: Nice job to you too O'Keefe!
O'Keefe: Thank you Rachel.

Scorpian: Worse the smartest little girl that learned to talk?
Monet: ME!!!

Rachel: And double sessions of the nursery rhythm.

Rachel: Wow another promotion! You rock Bacillus!
Bacillus: *chuckles* Thanks.

Rachel: Wow and you got to the top of you career! Nice job!

Rachel: Nice job to you too Scorpian!
Scorpian: Thanks Rachel.

DaVinci: Ugh. This cake is uuuuuggggly.
Rachel: It's your birthday cake.

DaVinci: Mine! Different story!

Rachel: You sure did grow up handsome. What are you looking for in life?

DaVinci: thank you. Um, I would like a life of fun.

DaVinci: I would really like to have 50 1st dates.
Rachel: really? Not just 50 dream dates?
DaVinci: Nope 1st dates.
Me: *Sigh*

Rachel: Happy Birthday Dali!

Rachel: What a lovely young lady!
Dali: Thanks!

DaVinci: Could you please give me someone hot?

DaVinci: THANK YOU!!!

DaVinci: You're sorta hot, ya know?
Mercedes: Oh thank you.
Me: I wonder if Mercedes will actually be able to get in through DaVinci? She always seems to mess things up. I'm pulling for her this time.

Rachel: So far, so good.
Me: Give her time.

Rachel: Oops, sorry O'Keefe.

Rachel: Another promotion! Nice job man!
Bacillus: Thanks, I try.

Rachel: Wait. I thought you liked Mercedes?
DaVinci: I do but I want 50 1st dates. I can't just be a one woman man. At least not right now.
Rachel: Love 'em and leave 'em. I see.

DaVinci: Nice to meet you. You must be a Nettles girl. You look a lot like your sister Natalie.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Monet!

Rachel: Aren't you a cutie pie?
Monet: *giggles* Thanks.

DaVinci: Oh Hi there Paige. You look like a Caligula.

Rachel: How sweet Mercedes sure if doing everything right.
Me: But why did she have to go through the house? Let the poking commence.

Rachel: Homework time. A good worker and a great father.

Rachel: Wow, apparently those 2 words you said to your brother pushed you two to best friends!
O'Keefe: Sure did! Now I've got 20!
Rachel: Way to go!
Me: This is the first time I've done this without using the wishing well!

Rachel: Nice job Bacillus!

Rachel: Oh Mercedes you look so sad.
Mercedes: I thought DaVinci was finally my way into this hood. Alas he loves another.
Rachel: Well, he doesn't love her. He just has a few wild oats to sew. If you can find a way to forgive him and be patient, you might just get your wish.
Mercedes: We'll see. Right now, I'm taking his news paper!

Rachel: Good choice.

Rachel: Dang man! You are on fire!

Rachel: Nice job to you too.

Rachel: Making the way back up again.

DaVinci: Uh hi miss. Let's have a nice date. Watch out for the girl that steals the newspaper.

Wen: Up and. . .

Wen: Ouch.
Rachel: It's supposed to be over.
Wen: *gives Rachel a nasty look* I know that.

DaVinci: Hey Mercedes. You sure look nice.
Mercedes: Save it buddy.
Rachel: *clears throat* Be nice.
Mercedes: I'm still mad. I'll try.

Rachel: Another dudifull dad.

Rachel: Nice job O'Keefe.

DaVinci: You're Sariss' sister, aren't you?
Salla: Yes.

Rachel: I don't think I can say congrats enough man!

Dali: Mom! Mom! Look I got an A+!!!
Wen: Way to go!

Rachel: Congrats!

Rachel: Way to work your way back up!

DaVinci: Those other girls don't mean a thing to me. I really care about you.
Rachel: I think I believe him.
Mercedes: I know I do.

Rachel: She really believes him.

Wen: I learned couples counseling to help DaVinci out.
Rachel: I hate to tell you but he patched things up on his own.
Wen: All the better. The boy knows how to handle things on his own. He doesn't need Mom fixing things.

Rachel: Seriously, kids! Do I need to get the hose out?

O'Keefe: You see you package most of the candies up and then take one for yourself every now and then.
Monet: OK Mom.

Rachel: *rolls eyes*

Rachel: Oh good, they're just dancing for once.

Rachel: Nice going O'Keefe!

Rachel: Wait. How did you have time to get all these scholarships with all the dating?
DaVinci: D'uh! I'm seriously smart.
Rachel: OK. Uh, so is Mercedes going to be coming to college with you?
DaVinci: 99% sure she will.

Points: 6
1 for O'Keefe's Top of Career
5 for money


Anonymous said...

how do you cope with all them sims at once. I have got a couple of big families but they drive me nuts as it takes twice as long to play them. A lovely update

Jenni said...

Wait, what??

No new babies or kittens/puppies?? Am I reading the right Rachel's blog?? *Faints*

Another great update anyway! I can't wait for more!


Kerry said...

I hope Mercedes makes it in! Wen and Bacillus are going great, as are the kids.

ASimWen said...

Hi ASimWen *wavies* nice to see you again. Not hard to see myself as a grandma, as I became a real grandma 4 years ago. hehe

I am with Jenni...Ummm...I counted the number of people in the house and I counted 9. *taps foot* Rachel, you have one open slot. ???? Where is my second grandbaby??? hehehe

Rachel said...

The open spot is supposed to be for a kitten but the darn cats don't like each other enough. I'm being good and trying to keep the population down so ASimWen will have to get additional grand babies from her other kids. :)

SirenPrincess said...

I absolutely love Dali. She's one of the most beautiful sim children I've ever seen.

Too bad Da Vinci rolled up 50 1st dates, huh? A swear, Rachel, you have the worst luck. I hope to see him stick with Mercedes, or rather, I hope to see her stick with him through his wild oats.

Galena said...

No pictures of womrats? What happened to them? 50 first dates seems like a pain. I've never completed it, but it seems that there are a lot all together with that want.

ciyrose said...

My goodness, ANOTHER 50 first dates. Your sims are trying to kill you.

So no new kids....good job on holding back, I'm sure it was hard for you. :)

The kids are all super cute!

Chrissy Brown said...

Dali and Monet are adorable :) and 50 1st dates actually isn't too terrible, the dream dates is more of a pain.