Monday, October 22, 2007

Cooprider 1 Round 5

Good Mother?
Last time poor Kricket had baby boy, Centapede with her live in boyfriend Quavi while continuing to raise her 3 kids from her marriage to Leeland. Leeland had cheated on her with Venice Holiday and moved out. The 3 oldest, Grasshopper, Scorpian and Butterfly all became teens and left for college. Before leaving Grasshopper started a lovely garden which she is hoping will still be alive by the time she returns to take over the house. The biggest question was if Quavi could be a good father and he really seemed to be. But after we left this house Quavi hooked up with the same Venice Holiday again (he had already fathered a child with her as well) and left his girlfriend and son to marry Venice. Of course now Kricket hates Venice for taking a second man from her.
Rachel: Hi there Kricket. How are you doing?
Kricket: Well, I've been better. I just don't understand why all my men leave me for Venice? What's great about her anyway?
Rachel: I'm not really sure myself. People seem to like her. Except for those who really know her like her father and daughter.
Kricket: Well at least my kids like me. I just don't know if I can ever trust another man.
Rachel: I would definitely keep my heart guarded if I were you.
Rachel: Cade was Quavi's dog, I guess that will tend to happen if the owner leaves without them.
Rachel: What the hey?!?!?
Kricket: Leeland and I have rekindled things a bit.
Rachel: Oh that's right, I saw you at his house last week.
Kricket: Yeah, he promised he would be faithful this time.
Rachel: Kricket are you sure this is a good idea?
Kricket: Good idea or not, a woman has needs. I need another dreamdate.
Rachel: It's up to you in the end.
-That night-
Rachel: Hey the garden club is here!
Kricket: yeah I thought it would be a good surprise for Grasshopper if she comes back to a Garden Club membership.
Rachel: That's so nice.
Rachel: Lady, she does have 4 dogs which are hard to keep up with and at least it's outside!

Rachel: Ut-Oh weeds! Quick Kricket before she notices!

Kricket: Oh Grasshopper will be SO happy!

Rachel: Um Quavi, you sorta left Kricket since that date. Why are you bringing her gifts? Oh well at least Centapede will have something from his father.
Rachel: What did you wish for Kricket?
Kricket: Love.
Rachel: What about Leeland?
Kricket: I think you're right, I'm better off not trusting him. I need someone more ideally matched to me.
Me: Brad Kaufman a survivor of Toddler Mania. Welcome dude!

Rachel: She looks so happy.
Me: I hope she stays that way.
Rachel: Don't you have something to do with that?
Me: Ummm. . . look it's the dogs' birthday!

Rachel: Oh excuse me. Looks like they aren't wasting anytime.
Me: They are in love. Even if he is still in college.

Rachel: Welcome home Centapede. And hey, your first A+! Way to go!!!!
Centapede: Thanks lady.

Centapede: Mom! Mom! I got an A+!
Rachel: She's ahhhh a little busy. She'll be with with you.

Rachel: Looks like Centapede isn't the only successful member of the family.

Rachel: Another little gardener in the family I see.
Centapede: I like it all right.

Rachel: What's Quavi doing here while Kricket's on a date?

Rachel: Dude, seriously. This is sorta sad. The guys cheat on Kricket but just can't stay away.

Rachel: Are you OK Kricket?
Kricket: I don't know. It must have been something I ate.
Me: Likely.

Rachel: Wow Centapede got an A+ before you even learned how to study.
Kricket: My boy is smart, what can I say?

Rachel: Holy cow! This must be one heck of a date.

Rachel: If the car is a rockin'. . .
Me: What?
Rachel: It must be a dreamdate in progress.

Rachel: Hurray for the return of Cade!
Rachel: Yes Kricket?

Rachel: I don't think it was something you ate.

Rachel: Yep, that's what did it.
Me: Oh no, they're doing it again.
Rachel: Wow, these two are dreamdate central.
Rachel: Looks like you're getting better at gardening too.
Kricket: Sure am. I really want to make sure the garden is really nice for Grasshopper.
Rachel: Well, you're definitely 100 times the mother Venice is.

Kricket: Speaking of being a mother!!!

Rachel: I guess there's no doubt that Brad is the father.

Rachel: Speaking of Brad.
Me: Yep, he just happened by. It's like he know it was time.

Rachel: So what did you name him?
Kricket: Beetle. Isn't he just the cutest little Beetle?
Rachel: Sure is.

Kricket: Grasshopper's crops are in. She'll be so happy.

Kricket: *singing* Whose got the cutie little baby bootie? Beetle does, baby Beetle does.
Rachel: Enjoying single motherhood?
Kricket: Sure am.

Rachel: Happy birthday Centapede!

Rachel: Handsome. Very much the spitting image of Quavi except with brown hair.
Centapede: Thanks, I think.
Rachel: So what do you want out of life?

Centapede: A life of pleasure.
Rachel: Sweet!

Centapede: And I want 50 1st dates.
Me: *Bangs head on desk repeatedly*
Rachel: Stop that.
Centapede: What?
Rachel: Not you.

Rachel: Ah Coqui, they are having a private moment. At least I go in the bathroom. Maybe not the best option, but it works.

Rachel: Wow you did it! 50 dreamdates! Even I haven't done that yet. Congrats!
Kricket: Thanks, I couldn't be happier.

Me: Now let's just look at how many aspiration points you get with 50 dreamdates minus what we used. Dan, that's a lot!

Kricket: Now that I'm done with my dream I'm helping Centapede with some scholarships.
Rachel: Well that won't get you mother of the year, but that's still a lot better than Venice.

Rachel: Wow, this week has been awesome for this house. And there's Bronx Rosada who gave them the final star. Also his is the next house we'll be visiting.

Rachel: Happy birthday Baby Boy Beetle!!!

Rachel: Spitting image of Brad.

Rachel: What are you wishing for Centapede? Centapede? *sigh* Teens.
Rachel: I think it was love.

Centapede: You sure are pretty and stuff.
Mercedes: Well thank you, I like you too. So what would you say about me coming with you to college?
Centapede: Oh hey babe, I think you're great and we had a great date, I'm just not ready to settle down.

Rachel: More gifts from men. At least this is the one she's dating now.

Rachel: She is a very good mother.

Rachel: Looks like it's about time to go. Nice going Centapede!
Centapede: Sure, thanks.

Points: Just 1 for Beetle


Infinity-Nevermore said...

Wow, she did it! And before elderhood too! I've got one with that LTW and I've been having her date her husband like crazy trying to get it before her birthday. Kricket is an awesome mother. I think Quavi is realizing he made a mondo mistake. I've so got to get one of those wishing wells.

ASimWen said...

Hehe I love the wishing wells. They are great. :) All my lots in Uni have them. Yep, that Quavi makes good looking kids!!!!! Way to go Centipede!

Bubbs said...

How many baby daddys does she have??? HAHAHA! Way to go on the dates!! Love how she keeps getting gifts, lol.

Kerry said...

It's so funny--poor Kricket loses her men to Venice--but then they come back, and come back, and come back--I hope that Brad sticks around! He seems nice, and Kricket finally seems truly happy.

Way to go on the wishing well! Good luck in college, Centapede!

Unknown said...

Beetle is a little cutie! I'm guessing he was a product of Risky WooHoo? LOL. I love that.

Also, LOL on Bubbs comment about the baby daddys. =)

ciyrose said...

Ahh....Beetle is a cutie! Kricket made her LTW, and seems happy. YAY!