Thursday, January 01, 2009

Vega 4 - Round 6

Bye Bye Boo
Last time Aracely and Joe's only child, Vodka, returned from college with her boyfriend Ricky Flanigan. He proposed but the two have not yet married. Vodka found herself pregnant and gave birth to twin sons, Kool-Aid and Pop. She found herself pregnant again at the end of the week much to her surprise. Joe and Aracely enjoyed helping with their grandsons in between working their own jobs and helping their dogs with their careers.

Rachel: *Looks around* Where is everyone? The twins are sleeping and the nanny. . . well the nanny is trying to start stuff on fire.

Rachel: Welcome home Ricky and congrats on the promotion.
Ricky: Well thank you Rachel.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Aracely!
Aracely: Thank you. Now I'm old like Joe. *chuckles* That's OK. It seems right to be old when you're a grandma.
Rachel: This is true. Heck, I'm a great grandma.

Joe: Come on sing it with me.
Rachel: Looks like Joe is doing his grandfatherly duties. So sweet.
Joe: How am I supposed to get up off the floor when we're done?
Rachel: I have NO idea.

Rachel: Baby time!

Rachel: Hey! I can't see!
Me: That's the trouble with running a venure out of your house.

Rachel: Come on! Let me see the baby!

Rachel: There's the little one. So? Boy or girl?
Vodka: It's another boy. We're naming him Lager.
Rachel: Nice name.

Rachel: Looks like everyone, including the customers, are happy to meet Lager.
Me: He is pretty cute.

Rachel: Congrats on another promotion Ricky! Oh and you have another son.
Ricky: I know. Vodka called me at work. They don't mind those sorts of personal calls.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Kool-Aid!

Rachel: You're a handsome little devil aren't you?
Kool-Aid: Little devil?
Rachel: Sorry, nevermind.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Pop!

Rachel: Another handsome lad.

Kool-Aid: Down the fireman's pole!
Pop: Looks like we've got a pirate ship on the horizan.
Rachel: Looks like the boys are enjoying their new playground equipment.

Rachel: Boo? Boo? Why are you just standing there?
Me: Look off in the distance.

Rachel: No! Not Boo!!!!!

Rachel: Everyone is taking this one hard.

Rachel: No! Not Otis too!
Me: At least they will be together.
Rachel: True but poor Jack!!!

Rachel: Bye doggie. We miss you already.

Rachel: Well I guess this means there's room for a mate for Jack now.

Rachel: Welcome Andrea.

Rachel: I hope you aren't being too strick with Kool-Aid.
Ricky: Of course not.
Rachel: OK good. You just look a little scary in you military uniform.

Rachel: Looks like Jack and Andrea are taken with each other.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Lager!

Rachel: He is a cutie for sure!

Rachel: Hey Aracely! Teaching Lager to walk?
Aracely: Yep, it's proabaly my last chance. Plus the kneeling is hard on Joe's knees.

Rachel: This more your speed Joe:
Joe: Yep. No getting up from the floor here.

Rachel: Now I know why we haven't seen much of you.
Aracely: Yep. Just been making robots.

Rachel: Nice job Ricky!

Rachel: Sorry Vodka.

Rachel: Looks like a good report card. Nice going!

Rachel: Not an A+ just yet but that's OK. You'll get there.

Rachel: Um, Pop it's great that you brought home Croissant from school but why are you slow dancing with him.
Pop: What?
Rachel: Um nothing. Nevermind boys.

Rachel: Oh no, more kneeling.
Joe: I'll be OK. Use the potty Lager.

Rachel: Hey congrats Vodka!
Vodka: Thanks!

Rachel: Sorry Joe.

Rachel: But you got promoted anyway! Congrats!

Rachel: Nice job Vodka!

Rachel: Way to go!

Rachel: Puppy time!

Rachel: Welcome Elizabeth!

Rachel: Happy birthday again Lager!

Rachel: You are a handsome one. Doesn't look like Kool-Aid approves.
Kool-Aid: The dog stinks!
Rachel: Oh, OK.

5 for money
1 for Lager


ASimWen said...

OH wow I was beginning to worry that there wouldn't be any good chance cards. At least one was pulled out in the end. Goodbye doggies...I remember Boo from way back. Lookin' forward to the new doggies there.

Kerry said...

Lager is gorgeous--and that's a very colorful puppy! I've never seen anything other than white and black. Poor old doggies, though, that's always hard.

Melissa said...

Lager is a cutie. Can't wait to see what Elizabeth looks like when she grows up.

ciyrose said...

Awww.....bye Boo and Otis. That was kind of sad....

Lager is a cutie though....very handsome.