Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vega 6 - Round 6

Going at the Same Speed
We once again find ourselves at a new house. This one belongs to Germany Vega, son of England and Rosario, and his girlfriend Dusk Rosada, daughter of Ariana and Adrian. Germany's first cousin Arial Vega, daughter of Temple and Aston, and her boyfriend Erv Ziese-Lecy, son of Rachel and Marty.

Rachel: Hey honey.
Erv: Hi Mom. I've got big plans for today.

Me: Hurray, all career related!
Rachel: Looks like this is what my son was talking about.

Rachel: Looks like my little boy is getting married.

Rachel: Hey you guys are getting a dog.
Erv: Yep, I miss having animals in the house.

Rachel: Welcome Eric.

Rachel: Another one?
Erv: Of course.

Rachel: Welcome Daysies. And hi Lynn.
Lynn: Hi. Just welcoming the new neighbors.

Rachel: Looks like farmer John, I mean Germany, is also proposing.

Rachel: Private moment.

Rachel: Both couples seem to be going at the same speed.

Rachel: Way to go Dusk!

Rachel: *to me* Why are we looking at Arial?
Me: She's pregnant.
Rachel: She doesn't look it.
Me:Trust me, she is. Congratulate her.
Rachel: *to Arial* Congratulations, I heard you're expecting.
Arial: I am. Thank you.

Rachel: Looks like you guys are keeping up. Congrats!
Dusk: Thanks. We're very excited too.

Rachel: Sorry man.

Germany: Hi there baby. When are you going to come out to see us?

Rachel: Man, you just can't catch a break.

Rachel: Or maybe you can. Way to go!
Germany: Thanks Rachel!

Me: Might happen.

Rachel: Congrats to you too Erv!
Erv: Thanks, I worked hard for it.

Me: Also might happen.

Rachel: Now I can tell she's pregnant.
Me: Not for much longer. Pay attention.

Rachel: Baby time!

Arial: It's a girl. Meet Twitter.
Rachel: What an interesting name. Cute.

Arial: Whose mommy's little girl?

Dusk: Excuse me. Going into labor here.
Rachel: Right on cue.

Arial: What should I do?
Rachel: You don't know? You JUST had a baby yourself.

Dusk: It's a boy. Say hi to Plurk.
Rachel: Hi Plurk.

Rachel: Germany, how about if you get up and go see your child instead of just thinking about your wife?
Germany: Oh, good idea.

Germany: Wooh! Plurk!

Dusk: He looks like his dad already.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Eric. You sure are cool looking.

Rachel: Ah yes, you have colorful parents.

Rachel: Daysies family is pretty cool looking too.

Rachel: Sorry Germany.

Rachel: Congrats Arial!
Arial: Thanks! I'm very happy.

Me: Might happen.

Rachel: Another dog?

Erv: Yeah the dogs aren't getting along the best. I thought I'd see if I'd have better luck with another dog.

Rachel: Um Dear?
Erv: Yes.
Rachel: Hold Twitter with your hands or better yet, how about if Arial helps her with her birthday?
Erv: Sounds wise.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Twitter!

Rachel: What a cutie grand baby!

Me: Yep, that hair looks better. Fits better with the eye brows.

Rachel: Happy Birthday Plurk!

Rachel: He definitely looks like his dad with a bit of Grandpa Adrian tossed in.

Rachel: Friends already.

Rachel: Looks like Germany is a good dad.

Rachel: Of course Erv is too.

Rachel: I didn't know you had been sewing.
Germany: I have been all week. I have made a couple wedding dresses and some clothes for us and the kids. Didn't you notice our new outfits?
Rachel: I did but I thought you bought them. Sorry man.

Rachel: This must be the new outfit you made for Twitter.
Germany: it is.
Me: Really from Simboree

Rachel: Happy Birthday Leroy!

Rachel: Looks like the other parents are here too.
Me: Some a little friskier than others.

Rachel: These two are still very sweet on each other.

Rachel: Hurray it's wedding time.

Rachel: OK, cool it kids. It's time for Erv & Arial's wedding.

Rachel: Yay!

Rachel: Dang it Marty, get out of the way!

Dusk: Come to Mommy.
Rachel: Looks like everyone else has gone home. I should be heading out too.

Rachel: Congrats man! OK, I really should go.

Rachel: Awe, bye Eric. Looks like things are going better with Leroy. Don't worry boy, we'll find you a new home. I'm really going now.

Rachel: See you guys next week.
Points: 13
8 for Money
3 for Tops of Careers for Germany, Erv, & Arial
2 for new sims: Twitter & Plurk (Do you know the theme?)


Jenni said...

I actually know this one!! YAY!!! Social networking sites.

Mary the Mysterious Voice said...

Nice naming theme! And yay for Twitter's adorable ladybug dress...I wonder where you got it from...

SirenPrincess said...

I really like Erv, and Twitter is adorable. What I love most on your blog is seeing all of the families that have so many kids. It's awesome.

ASimWen said...

I am not much on social networking sites....but I knew Twitter...had no idea about Plurk. Heh.

Ang said...

Haha are the next kids going to be named Facebook and Myspace? ;-)

Kerry said...

Oh, my goodness, that picture of the baby toasting over the cake, hands-free--that was funny! Nice back-to-back weddings!

ciyrose said...

Great job again. As always, adorable kids. I LOVE Twitter's dress. The wedding dresses were really nice too. I should sew more.