Saturday, February 17, 2007

Caligula 1 Round 3

Will the Letter Last
Last time Kalliope and Dakota (Holiday) Caligula returned from college and bought a lovely house. They are a very sweet couple. Unfortunately Dakota feel ill with the dreaded flu, causing them to miss the Welcome Wagon. Once he recovered it was time for the wedding and a pregnancy. Little Ellen was born shortly after. Once reaching toddlerhood Ellen became a little dancing machine.

Rachel: Hey there little Ellen. Looks like your parents are at work. I'll try to keep you company until they get home.

Rachel: Looks like your mommy is doing well at work.

Rachel: You really do love to dance don't you Ellen? Hey I think your parents are finally home.

Rachel: Great job Kalliope! One step closer to Mayor.
Kalliope: Thanks. One step closer to my dream.

Rachel: Wow a promotion for you too Dakota!
Dakota: Yes mame.

Rachel: Eep! What is it with people around here? They don't like each other so they have a big brawl to solve it.

Rachel: And then the meany Kalan wins.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Way to go man, top of career and you made your life long dream of being a Mad scientist!
Dakota: Thanks, life couldn't be better.

Rachel: Oh and you brought a friend home from work. It's Ginevra.
Me: Yep, she's been in Prosperity Point since day one but hasn't shown up much. Everyone send some virtual hugs her way.

Rachel: Oh boy and Kalliope you're the new mayor!
Kalliope: Yes mame and some things are going to change.
Rachel: Like what?
Kalliope: For one thing I revoking that advisory letter.
Me: Um, that's not the best idea.
Rachel: Why not? What did that letter say? Would someone tell me for crying out loud!
Me: We'll have to see how this plays out.
Rachel: Ugh, fine. Looks like it's birthday time anyway.

Rachel: Oh Ellen you sure are pretty.
Ellen: Why thank you lady.
Me: I had some doubts there for awhile.
Rachel: Hey, that's not nice.
Me: I would love her either way.
Rachel: All right then.

Dakota: So now that Ellen is older and we've both reached our life long dreams, what would you think about having another baby?
Kalliope: All right.

Rachel: Great choice and a big bonus!

Rachel: Oh and it looks like Ellen is meeting some boys already. Humm and they're talking about art. I wonder if they are discussing the painting her mom is working on?

Me: Ah my first really custom painting. I took that picture in Hawaii. I like this new feature.
Rachel: Hey, what are you going on about now.
Me: All right we can move on.

Rachel: Looks like Dakota has a met a wolf, Baron. I don't really know that this is the best idea.
Dakota: Why? It would be cool to be a werewolf, the first of Prosperity Point.
Rachel: Um, well, good luck with that.

Rachel: And now Kalliope is bringing home a big bonus. Nice job!
Rachel: And here's our Mayor!

Ellen: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Rachel: I don't know.
Ellen: Cause it wanted to.
Rachel: Humm, great joke dear.

Rachel: Looks like that next little one is on his or her way. Any feeling as to if it's a boy or a girl?
Kalliope: Not really. Dakota would like a boy, but it doesn't really matter. We have our heiress and now whichever is fine with us.

Rachel: Speaking of the heiress, looks like some red hands is in order.

Rachel: And then some homework time.

Ellen: Peek-a-boo baby, I want to see you.

Rachel: More talking to the guys. Who is this Ellen?
Ellen: His name is Franklin Anderson. He says his family is many generation long.
Rachel: Well that's cool.

Cooper: Hi I'm Cooper.
Dakota: Hi Cooper thanks for coming by today.
Me: Ahh, Cooper is another person from my toddler mania challenge. I wonder if he'll get in.

Rachel: Hey get out of here cat. Stop destroying Ellen's homework! Darn strays, they come in the house and immediately try to wreck the kids' homework.

Rachel: Looks like Kalliope is finding fun stuff to do during her pregnancy and Shaunna came back even after her her butt whipped the last time she was here.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Looks like Dakota is doing another custom painting.
Me: Yep, that's Rainbow Falls on the big island of Hawaii.

Ellen: First A+++!!!
Rachel: Great job Ellen!!!

Rachel: Ellen, who are you talking to?
Ellen: *signals give me a minute and turns away*

Rachel: Oh look and Bacillus is here visiting too.
Kalliope: Yeah and he marks my 10th best friend.
Rachel: Wow you sure are a popular lady!
Kalliope: I am the Mayor.

Kalliope: EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Oh boy baby time! Man Bacillus got some air!

Kalliope: Meet our second daughter, Janeane.
Rachel: Another blonde I see. But hey, she got your Freckled skin Kalliope.
Kalliope: Yep, we both both have blonde siblings. I'm glad I was able to give one of my children my skintone.

Rachel: So another daughter Dakota?
Dakota: Yep, she's happy and healthy, that's all that matters. I don't need a son.
Rachel: So you won't try again?
Dakota: Um, don't you remember the old mayor's advisory letter?
Rachel: I don't really know much about it, but your wife revoked it anyway.
Dakota: Still he made some good points.
Rachel: Darn it I need to read that letter.

Ellen: Thanks for coming Cooper. Let's play tag.

Rachel: Is Cooper the person that keeps calling the house?
Ellen: Yep. Tag you're it!

Rachel: Oh man and we have two more visitors not getting along. Wait didn't one of you bring the other as a friend?

Kalliope: Fight, fight!!!

Rachel: And our hometown hero Bryon lost. Man!

Kalliope: We'll put some powder on the tiny baby booty.
Rachel: I so love this family. Everyone really loves each other.

Ellen: I'll move this horsey guy here.
Rachel: Looks like you two are becoming fast friends.
Ellen: Yes, we are lady.

Rachel: Oh, Happy Birthdya dear Janeane!!!

Rachel: You look a lot like Ellen did at your age Janeane. You're a cutie pie.

Dakota: And a smart little girl.


Dakota: Yes!
Rachel: What just happened.
Dakota: I've now maxed all my skills except body!
Rachel: Nice work Dakota!
Me: Time to go.
Rachel: What? Already? OK. Bye everyone. See you all next week.

Points: 3, 2 for TOC for Kalliope and Dakota, 1 for little Janeane.
Anyone figure out this name scheme yet?


Shaunna said...

heWow! How fun that I am the first to comment. Guess that is the benefit to being all caught up. ;)

Love the Hawaii pics! Ellen is adorable and I love that Janeane got the freckles they are lovely. Congrats on TOC for Dakota and Kalliope, and the big bonuses as well. This is one very successful household!

Hello there Ginerva! It's good to fianlly see you.

Twoyys4me said...

Another Action packed update!
Congrats to Dakota and Kalliope for their TOC's, and the big bonuses they brought too.
Little Ellen is so cute, loved her toddler dancing. Welcome to Janeane. Love the cat destroying the homework- it's a new take on 'my dog ate my homework'. :)
I adore the custom pics- have lots in my game too- how did you get them in those great frames though?
Hello and virtual hugs to Ginevra!

PRMami said...

awww this is a sweet family and how nice that Janeane has her mommy's freckled skintone
Funny about the cat and the homework

Charity said...

Holy bonuses! My prosperity neighbourhoods always seem to get way more chance cards than the other neighbourhoods.
I love the custom picture frames. I might just break down and download them.
Dakota might be Prosperity Point's first werewolf? Cool!
Beautiful family.

ASimWen said...

Aww love the freckled skintone...yah know...I have a preference to that. *cough* *bostics-prosperity-falls* *cough* Blonde with freckles is especially becoming, congratulations Jeneane. Nope, haven't figured out the naming scheme yet. Hi Ginerva. I see that Susan Profitt made it over to the lot as well. I like reading your blog and seeing stuff like that. lol

Kerry said...

This family is especially attractive. Beautiful kids! I love the paintings, too--I haven't done any of those, gotta try that.

Okay, we have got to read that letter already! :)

Melissa said...

Cutie pies is right! And is the naming scheme ... comedians? Like Ellen (forgot her last name) and Janeane Garofalo? Two of my favorites! I was thinking talk show hosts, but Janeane changed that.

Kay said...

Congrats to Kalliope and Dakota for achieving their LTW's, and their big bonuses! They should be rich now!!! Ellen is really pretty and Janeane is a cutie :) Love the Hawaii photos, just beautiful!!! Great update!

ruby said...

Yeah Freckles! I'm so jealous, none of my kids inherited that trait.
Love your custom paintings, very nice!

ciyrose said...

The paintings are very nice. YAY for freckles. Janeane is so cute with them. Ellen grew up to a very pretty little girl.