Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ziese-Lecy 2 Round 3

Too Many Kids, Too Little Money
Last time Victoria and Velo (Sylvaen) graduated from college and found a place of their own. They were excited to get started on a family stat. What else are two family sims to do? They also got two dogs who they thought were a boy and a girl so they could have puppies, but they were actually two girls, oops. Maybe they can have some puppies once some of these darn kids move out. Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. They had cheesecake twins, a girl Cheese Cake and a boy named Pie. We left Victoria very pregnant again.

Rachel: Hi honey how are you?
Victoria: Ugh, hi mom. Very crappy. I'm tired, hungry, stinky, uncomfortable and I have to pee. I don't know if I should eat, pee or sleep. I have a want and a fear of having this baby at the same time.
Rachel: I'm sorry honey. Umm, how about a quick snack, then to bed?
Victoria: All right.

Victoria: Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Ut-Oh you didn't quite make it to bed.

Victoria: I already had a baby, why am I having another?
Rachel: Remember that cheesecake you ate last week?
Victoria: Yeah.
Rachel: That's why.

Rachel: So, introduce me to my new grand babies.

Victoria: This our second daughter Eclair.
Rachel: Pretty

Victoria: And a second son, Cake.
Rachel: He's a cutie pie too, or cutie cake.

Victoria: Things are pretty rough around here when one of the babies has a dirty diaper, 'cause they wake up the rest of the babes.
Rachel: Where's Velo?
Victoria: Work. Someone has to bring in some money around here. We need to add onto this house to accommodate this ever growing family.
Rachel: I see.

Rachel: There you are Velo. How was work?
Velo: All right, but I'm really upset that I missed the birth of my second set of twins. I'm helping out as much as I can so Victoria can relax a little.

Rachel: Oh Victoria looks like your skilling is going well.
Victoria: Yeah I thought I'd take a moment and work on the one's I need for a promotion in case I ever get back to work.

Cheese Cake: Ahh da puppy.

Rachel: Awe Cheese Cake you love both your puppies don't you?
Cheese Cake: Uv da puppy.

Victoria: Trying to get all these kids their skills before their birthday is darn hard.
Me: Try 7 at once.
Victoria: Oh you're here. You've been mean to my mom, don't even think about being mean to me too.
Me: Sorry. Wouldn't dream of it.

Rachel: Oh Boy Grand Babies' birthdays!

Rachel: *singing* Happy Birthday dear Cheese Cake

Rachel: Oh my honey, you sure are pretty.
Cheesecake: Thanks Grandma.
Me: OK that sounds weird.

Rachel: *singing* Happy Birthday dear Pie!

Rachel: And Pie, you are a handsome young man like your pa.
Pie: Thanks Gammy.

Rachel: *singing* Happy Birthday dear Eclair!

Rachel: Awe.

Rachel: *singing* Happy Birthday dear Cake. Wait, where'd Cake go.

Rachel: Ahh getting some love from the neighbor's dog Blue.

Victoria: I sure am glad we have the older pair to at least keep the younger ones occupied.

Victoria: We need some grown up time sometimes.
Rachel: So should I expect the pitter patter of more grand babies' feet?
Victoria: I hope so.
Rachel: Oh boy!!!

Victoria: As you can see we added on to the right of the stairs there. Added a nursery and master bedroom. The older twins get the upstairs and with 4 of us needing a bathroom, we put in a second one upstairs.
Rachel: Good idea dear.

Rachel: And are these grand babies as smart as the first?
Victoria: Of course they are Mom.

Victoria: All that teaching makes me hungry. Cheesecake Mom?
Rachel: Sure.

Rachel: Hey kids, how was your first day of school.
Pie: Bang, bang.
Rachel: I'll talk to them later. Looks like Pie brought home Butterfly Cooprider and Cheese Cake brought home Ares Knight. Potential loves when they get older? Only time will tell.

Rachel: Looks like their friends headed home and it's homework time.

Cheese Cake: Mom, I don't think you should have another baby now. The little ones are still so little.
Victoria: Well, it might be too late to change that dear. It'll be all right either way, don't worry.

Rachel: Now it's homework time again.

Rachel: Oh dear, are you OK?
Victoria: This has been the worst morning sickness ever. I can't even make it through helping the twins with their homework.
Rachel: Well thank your lucky stars it's just that ans not the flu. Wait, are you sure it's morning sickness?

Victoria: Yeah, I'm sure.

Victoria: Oh my baby Cake, you're going to have a little brother or sister soon.

Victoria: Better learn to walk before Mommy getting too tired to teach you.

Victoria: Both my babies learned to walk!

Rachel: Dakota! Bad girl! Don't ruin the kids' homework. Bad!

Rachel: Way to go Velo! You guys sure could use the money too with more kids on the way.
Velo: I missed it again!
Rachel: Sorry didn't mean to ruin it.
-The Next morning-

Cheese Cake: So Mom is gonna have another baby.
Pie: So?
Cheese Cake: Another baby already? This house is too small now.
Pie: So?
Cheese Cake: Ugh!
Pie: Hehe, so?
-That afternoon-

Victoria: Woot, A+, way to go!

Cheese Cake: *Singing* Get down on it! Yipee!

Victoria: Woot, Pie too!
Pie: *Maahh*
Rachel: Did you just kiss your report card?
Pie: So?

Pie: Look over there Dad, Mom's having the baby.
Velo: What? Where?
Rachel: You little cheater Pie.
Pie: So?

Rachel: Looks like the little twins' birthday. *singing* Happy Birthday dear Cake!

Rachel: My how you look like your papa, Cake.
Cake: Hi gammy.
Rachel: Hi honey.

Rachel: Who is this honey?
Cake: Heidi Sch..something. She's nice.
Rachel: That's good.

*singing* Happy Birthday dear Eclair!

Rachel: Another beautiful grand daughter.
Eclair: Hi Grams. Thanks.

Rachel: What was so funny?
Cake: I don't know, but she thought it was hilarious.
Rachel: Well you stay friends with her then.
-The Next day-

Victoria: And that's how you make chocolates Cake.
Rachel: Wait that's Pie.
Victoria: I blame the pregnancy, all my kids are looking alike.

Rachel: Hi dear. Umm, what's wrong?
Victoria: Labor! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Velo, you didn't miss this one!

Victoria: Another son, we'll call him Donut.

Victoria: I can't believe it, twins again!
Me: It's a real mystery.
Victoria: Hey!

Victoria: This is our fourth son Danish.
Rachel: Wow, 4 grandsons! I think I need to sit down.

Eclair: Hi, Eclair. What's your name?

Carrot: Ekkkk!!
Eclair: What's his deal?
Rachel: I don't know dear.

Rachel: Make some candies with your mom, honey. You'll feel better. Boys are dumb anyway.

Rachel: Speaking of dumb. The dumb nanny is taking a bath in the middle of the yard with childern right ther. Go home bad nanny, go home!

Rachel: My, my how fast time flies. You have the honors this time Velo?
Velo: Victoria's at work, so it's my turn.
Rachel: *Singing* Happy Birthday dear Donut

Rachel: Cutie in the tux.

Rachel: *Singing* Happy Birthday dear Danish!

Rachel: I didn't know Danish was the New Years' Baby.
Me: He wasn't. Unfortunate clothing choice.

Pie: Hi Mommy. Danish and Donut had a birthday.
Victoria: Awe I missed it this time!.
Me: Well, tick tock.
Rachel: What? I don't want to go. I like to see my grand babies.
Me: I know I'm sorry, those are the rules. We'll be back.
Rachel: All right.

Points: 4, for all the sweets, I mean sweet babies.


Bubbs said...

Wow - this house is really crowded. Nanny in the tub...priceless! I think this family is destined for boys over girls, lol. Great update!

Twoyys4me said...

That really made me feel hungry.. :)
Lots of cutie babies- great names.
The nanny in the tub pic was hilarious!

PRMami said...

Goodness I think I need to go to a bakery after reading this lol

Holey Moley man is that a busy household - you are brave

I thought it funny that Pie was cheating while playing with his dad and man what an awful Nanny bathing in the yard with the kiddos there to see tsk tsk

Shaunna said...

Great update! And my fav line was "He's a cutie pie too, or cutie cake." LOL! All the sweet treats are so adorable.

I look forward to pups in the future. :)

Kerry said...

Good grief! They are really gluttons for punishment! What a full house. I think that Pie looks like Velo, but Cake has his mom's cheeks. I don't blame her for getting them all confused, though!

Charity said...

She had two sets of twins and STILL managed to max out her Logic! Wow!
Looks like Cheese Cake is a little out of sorts with all those siblings!
Haha! Pie cheating is so cute! At least he knew exactly what to say to get his dad to look away.
Oh gawd, the nanny has just blinded me! Blame her for any typing errors. Although I once had Buzz Grunt take a bath outdoors in the middle of one of his son's sports parties. I blame the beer, lol.
Well, that is a really cute family - as if I wasn't hungry enough already, lol!

ruby said...

Too funny, with all the kids, its no wonder Victoria flubs a name here and there...
'So?' LSHICB Oh that boy is a card!

Mao said...

Oh my goodness, I have no idea how you deal with all these kids! Sure, I've had a few big families... but wow. I'd be pulling my hair out, haha.

I love the naming theme... though it's made me hungry now. Off to find cake, yum.

ciyrose said...

Such a busy busy house. All those goodness. Ugh...stupid nannies taking bath's outside.

Chrissy Brown said...

What a busy house...but the kids are beauties anyways :)