Saturday, February 17, 2007

Knight 1 Round 3

It Isn't Written in the Stars for Them
Last visit at the Knight house Kora and Jazz (Holiday) Knight brought a little house after graduating from Sim State. Jazz also fell victim to the nasty flu. After he got better they were married and got a dog, Roxie. The first dog in Prosperity Point. Kora soon found she was pregnant and (cheesecake) twins Zeus and Apollo were born shortly after. Kora soon found out she was pregnant again.

Rachel: Hey Kora, how's maternity leave going? Oh I'm sorry I didn't know you had company.
Kora: It's going well. I have some skills to learn before my next promotion and I need some more family friends. This is Deb Simmes, she just moved here.
Rachel: Great Kora and welcome Deb. I hope you'll like it here.
Deb: I'm sure I will.

Santos: How's the little baby?

Santos: Peek-A-Boo!
Rachel: Ahh Santos, such a family oriented man you are. Hoping to find husbands for your daughters?
Santos: Husbands or at least playmates.
Kora: Santos is one of my best friends so I would love it if our kids could be together.
Me: She likes him so much she keeps wanting to flirt with him.
Rachel: What? Really?
Me: Don't worry I won't let that happen. We can't ruin two families.

Zeus: Clouds.
Deb: Yes, Zeus clouds make snow and rain and sleet.
Me: I wonder if they know that Seasons is coming?
Rachel: What?
Me: Oh that was in that letter too. You really need to get home to read that.
Rachel: You drive me crazy.
Me: I feel the same about you.

Rachel: Oh now Jazz is teaching Zeus to talk...

...while Kora teaches Apollo to walk.
-The next day-

Rachel: Jazz what are you and Roxie doing at Planetary Pets?
Jazz: *Laughs* Oh this isn't Roxie, this is Blue. We decided we'd like to try to breed Roxie and we wanted another Rottie to do so with.
Rachel: Oh cool. Hi Blue.
Me: Blue was the name of my brother's Rottie.

Jazz: Get it Blue!

Jazz: *Laughing* tricked ya that time.
Rachel: I think it's time to head home Jazz. It's the twins' birthday!

Rachel: *Singing* Happy Birthday dear Zeus!

Rachel: Amazing how much you look like your dad Zeus. You are quite handsome.
Zeus: Woot, go me!

Rachel: *Singing* Happy Birthday to you too, dear Apollo!

Rachel: Another handsome boy. You definitely take after the Knight side of the family. I'm glad one of you does.
Apollo: Umm, thanks, I think.
-Kora heads up to bed-
Kora: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel: Quick everybody Kora's in labor right at the top of the stairs so no one else will be able to get up there!!!

Kora: Boy I'm glad the boys grew up when they did. Three in diapers would not have been fun.
Rachel: It is hard. So, did you have a girl, an heiress?

Kora: Nope, a third boy. We named him Ares after the God of War.
Rachel: Very cool! Will you keep trying for a daughter?
Kora: Perhaps once I get further in my career. I'd love to have like 10 kids, but my life time dream is to be Captain Hero. Once I get there, then we'll go for our girl.

Rachel: Well it might not have been a better mouse trap, but hey, a new coffee making is great too!

Rachel: Looks like the dogs are getting along all right.
Kora: At the moment. They growl at each other a lot.
Rachel: that's too bad. So no puppies?
Kora: Nope.

Rachel: Nice work Jazz!!!
Jazz: Why thank you Rachel.

Rachel: Oh look Deb is back.
Apollo: Wantta see what I can do?
Deb: Sure. Woot!!!

Jazz: You're such a good boy Blue. Why don't you and Roxie get along? Hu boy?

Rachel: Ut-Oh, with all the other excitement did the boys forget to do their homework?
Kora: Actually they were never in a good enough mood. Zeus hasn't even started his and the bus will be here any minute.
Rachel: That's no good. Lots to do tonight then.
Kora: That's for certain.

Jazz: *all cute like* What a stinky baby I have. Yes, you are. you're a stinky baby.

Rachel: Zeus whose this?
Zeus: Samantha.
Rachel: K, where is Samantha from?
Zeus: *shrugs*
Me: She's from Pleasantview. Maybe not the Pleasantview you all know and love, but it's the one I know.
Rachel: Whatever that means.

Rachel: It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time flies. *Singing* Happy Birthday dear Ares!

Rachel: OK, now that's a mini-Jazz if I ever saw one.

Jazz: All right tough little man, one foot in front of the other.

Rachel: Finally getting the boys caught up?
Kora: Definitely! We can't let this get out of hand.
-The next day-

Rachel: Nice work Jazz. Too bad your life time dream isn't work related.
Jazz: Too true, but at least I still have time to work on my skills.

Rachel: Roxie might not like Blue, but at least Ares does.

Me: I think the feeling is mutual.

Zeus: And then the chicken went bock!
Samantha; That's the funniest thing ever!
Rachel: What? What's so funny.
Samantha: You'd have to be there.
-the next day-

Rachel: Holy cow Jazz! You'll be a mad scientist like your brother Dakota in no time!
Jazz: Sure will. We've always been very similar.

Kora: Tickles for the birthday boy.

Rachel: Wow, already? All right. *Singing* Happy Birthday dear Ares!

Rachel: I think they should have named you Jazz Jr. It's just amazing.
Ares: Umm, what?
Rachel: You're handsome, we'll leave it at that.
Me: Speaking of leaving, it's time.
Rachel: Man!

Points: 1 for Ares.
I thought I had given her cheesecake but I guess not. I wonder if they will keep going for a girl? I haven't decided yet myself. Kora is a family sim, so I'm sure she wouldn't mind.

Funny Pictures:

A close couple.

Something look weird to you?

Maybe this view is better.


Charity said...

I think the Sims know that Seasons is coming. The weather is all my sims seem to talk about!
Aww... another cute Rottie - I hope they have pups.
This family is so good looking it's not funny! I think its the eyes. Gorgeous!
Love the outtakes!

ASimWen said...

Woo that Apollo is sure handsome. Like the custom hair for him. It is tough to find it for boys. Zuess an't bad either.

Have you ever been able to adopt a stray? heh It is fun to go to the pet shop and buy a pet.

Awww love the pics of toddlers huggin' the dogs and cats. :)

Yes Rachel you know they will try for a girl. :)

Twoyys4me said...

It's like an initiation into Prosperity Point that your Sims have to start off with flu or they can't join. :)
Glad they got better, and great new additions to the family. The twins grew up really cute.
Hope to see some puppies next time around- and maybe some little girl babies. :)
Great outtaake- loved the one of the two dogs.

Kerry said...

More beautiful kids! Kora had a handsome boy in my game too, with dormie Joel Howe.

Talk about close couples, though--those dogs are taking it to extremes!

Bubbs said...

Another flu free house? Hehe, the flu got you bad before. Love the kids and dogs. When will they have their girl or puppies? Love the glitch photos.

Mao said...

Heeellooo Apollo! Wow, that's quite a full house... and it will be even more so if those two have puppies! Which, uh, would be a little difficult with them being THAT close. Yeow. Well, you know what they say... two heads are better than one... /coughs

PRMami said...

I think Ares looks a lot like his gramps Andre but Jazz always took after his father lol

I so love how this family is coming along - and those Rotts omgawd what a photo it looks like it hurts lmao

Kora better need even think about flirting with Santos lol

You sure are zipping through these lots - where do you find the time? If I get through one per week I'm good ;) It must be so nice to be able to play with no one bugging you ahhhhh

Kay said...

Congrats to Jazz for all his promotions! Apollo, Ares, and Zeus are all really cute :) Hope Roxie and Blue are able to have puppies next round! Love the funny photos! lol Great update!!!

Shaunna said...

Wow Ares does look uncanny to Jazz...interesting how those genetics work! Great update.

*waves to Deb*

ruby said...

Yeah Deb welcome to the neighborhood! Keep up that relationship with Zeus, he is going to be super handsome like his daddy someday.
Gosh all of the kids are great looking, then again... with Jazz as their dad, how could they be anything else?
Blue! I love Blue, I'm partial to Rotts, I hope you have lots of puppies!

ciyrose said...

Wow....those dogs are um...close. lol. That picture was funny. The kids sure do take after their dad quite a bit. I'm glad that both mom and dad have kids with their skin tones.