Sunday, February 04, 2007

Rosada 3 Round 3

Nanny Troubles
Last time, Bronx and Amethyst graduated from college, got married, and had twins, Zircon and Tanzanite. They spent most of their time making friends.

Rachel: Hum, something weird is going on here. When I arrived there was already one nanny here, but she said she wasn't working. So Bronx quickly called one so he could head to work.

Rachel: But then not one, but 2 nannies showed up. Bronx and Amethyst are at work and there are now 3
incompetent nannies in the house.

Rachel: When they aren't lined up to play with one of the twins...

...they are bringing them bottle, after bottle,

...after bottle.
Me: Toddler Mania flashbacks anyone?
Rachel: I have no clue what you are talking about but this is going in my notebook outlining this terrible nanny service we have here.

Rachel: They were amusing when they picked on each other though.

Bronz thank goodness you're home! Oh and congratulations!

Rachel: Congrats to you too! Now, let's get these
nannies out of here.

Rachel: Awe, the twins sure are cute. They aren't
identical but they do, do things in unison.

Rachel: Boy, you guys sure can't get enough friends can you?
Bronx: Nope, you can never have enough friends.

Amethyst: Oh! Looks like one of those
WooHoos from last week left me pregnant.
Rachel: Congrats again!

Rachel: *Singing* Happy Birthday Dear

Rachel: Oh and what a handsome young man you are too.
Tanzanite: Gee thanks lady!

Rachel: *Singing again* Happy Birthday dear Zircon!
Tanzanite: *Singing* Birthdays are fun, birthdays are great, no more nannies stinking up the place.

Rachel: There you are Zircon. You are handsome too.
Ahh, thanks.
-The next day-

Rachel: Bronx, whose your little 4 legged friend?
Bronx: This is Grace, she's a stray.

Rachel: It's so great you were able to welcome her into your home.
Bronx: Yeah, but she needs a friend. I think it would be neat for her to have puppies.
Bronx: Meet Frank, we just adopted him.
Rachel: He's a cutie.
-The next day-

Rachel: Wow, how time flies!

What'd ja have? What'd ja have?
Amethyst: A third boy, meet Jasper.
Rachel: Red hair huh?
Amethyst: Bronx's brother, England has red hair, must be a recessive trait for Bronx.
Tanzanite & Zircon: Yippee, 4 guys to one girl.
Rachel: Yeah, your mom is hopelessly out numbered. Go do your homework like good boys.

Rachel: Looks like a good
decision for Amethyst.

Rachel: Sweet the
doggies are getting along. Shouldn't be too long before we have some puppies around.

Bronx: Slight problem with that.
Rachel: Oh hi Bronx. Congrats on another promotion. What's the problem?
Bronx: We took Grace to the vet and she's too old.
Rachel: Awe, I'm sorry. They are nice doggies at least.
Me: *Side Note*Yeah, I'm not so good at exactly how everything works for the pets, wait until next update, you'll see more mistakes. Sorry, back to the story.

Rachel: Look hugs all around.
Tanzanite is hugging Bronx, to the right and all the way to the left, Zircon is hugging Amethyst. What did I say about them doing things in unison?

Rachel: And Zircon is making friends with Grasshopper
Cooprider. Great! That will come in handy later.
-The next day, Friday already-

Rachel: Holy cow another promotion Bronx! What a week!
Bronx: Well, thanks, but I'm not the only one with news.

Bronx: Both my boys brought home their first A+ report cards today.

Bronx: And my lovely wife got promoted today too.
Rachel: Wow, that's amazing! Friday sure has been a great day for you all.

Bronx: Oh but we aren't done. It's Jasper's
Birthday too!

Rachel: What a cutie pie he is.

Rachel: OK, this is just weird.
Quavi just walked in the house and has been standing there staring at Grace. How odd.
-The next day-

Rachel: Oh look
Tanzanite is making some friends too. This family and their friends.

Rachel: Even little Jasper is making friends, granted it's with his own family dog, but you have to start somewhere.

Rachel: And Amethyst met this young lady today.
Me: Yeah, that's Emily, she's from Toddler Mania house.
Rachel: From what?
Me: Let's just say I've known her since she was a toddler.

Rachel: Hey Erika!
Erika: Hi Mom! I thought I'd come over and see the new little one.
Rachel: Good idea. It is good to know everyone in your
neighborhood. Well you two make friends dear.
-Awhile later-

Rachel: Well Zircon the time sure did fly here. It looks like it's time to go. Where is everyone?
Zircon: Everyone but me and Jasper are sleeping.
Rachel: well tell
everyone else I said goodbye. I'll see you all next week.
Points: Just 1 for Jasper.
Have you figured out the naming scheme for this house yet? It would be obvious if they would have some girls. I had to use wikipedia to get all three boys' names to fit it. I'll leave you with a couple funny pictures.

I know it's hard to tell, but Amethyst was in the shower and Bronx flushed the toilet. She jumped through the wall, outside.

Interesting way to potty train Amethyst


Twoyys4me said...

The Twins grew up into cuties and little Jasper isn't far behind!
I love the little dog Grace- I didn't know she was an Elder dog.
Your naming theme? hmm.. types of crystals?
Great update!

Fairy D said...

Great update. The twins are sure growing fast.
Too bad about Grace being an elder though.

Kay said...

All the kids are really cute :) Three nannies at once? Poor you! I didn't know Grace was an elder either. It's quite hard to tell adult pets from the elder ones. Super update!

ASimWen said...

Hahaha Quavi stood staring at Grace? Back in his life in Prosperity Falls, he came upon Grace at a shopping area. She growled at him, and he cowered like he was scared. lolol
Good looking family, Amethyst makes pretty babies. She had natural twins for me in Fellowship. (well, her daughter was really fugly..thanks to daddy...but her son Gregor was handsome).

PRMami said...

Wow this turned out to be quite a full house!

I love Amethyst hair - I need to do some recolors soon when they finally join the club of 'playables'

The boys are very good looking seems both got the Vega lips and yes Bronx has the recessive red hair ;)

Now with the Pets patch I am going to wait until I'm done with my Rounds to install it again and hoping it doesn't blow up my Opulent Bay lol

Great update Rachel!

Bubbs said...

3 nannies doing nothing? HAHAHA! Great looking family here. Sorry to here about Grace, but at least we all have a warning now about this elder pet. :) There seems to be a bunch of elder pets as strays.

Great update!

ruby said...

such handsome boys, then again they're Vega boys I expect nothing less of them *g*

Shaunna said...

I think it is so hilarious when a sim is in the shower and another flushes the toilet! I only noticed it in my game recently. TDF!

And I really like the combo of dad's black hair with mom's lovely blue skin.

Melissa said...

The naming sceme is different types of stones .. like Amethyst. =)

The boys are cuties. No worries ... I'm still learning the Pets EP, too.

Charity said...

So much for the theory that three nannies are better than one! Oh well, they just wouldn't be as fun if they weren't wacky!
Cute kids! As if they could possibly be bad looking with their parents!

ciyrose said...

LOL....the 3 nannies was funny. The kids are all very they really all are.