Sunday, February 11, 2007

Te Waiata Round 3

Grandma Hine
Well this is yet another house that was new last week. It belongs to high school sweethearts
Pania and Danton (Holiday) Te Waiata. They also got that nasty flu that was going around last week and spent a couple days in bed. After recovering they were wed and got pregnant. Despite being a romance sim Pania had no negative memories of getting married or having her twins. Oh yeah, they had twins, surprise, surprise. A daughter, Strawberry and a son, Mango. Pania's Mom, Hine has been around a lot. Even kicked the stupid nannies butt, but she has yet to decide to move in. Let's check in with the family.

Rachel: Hey everybody I'm back!
Pania: So what do you say Mom?Hine: I'd love to move in to help out with the kids.
Rachel: Oh great! No more need for those stupid nannies.

Rachel: So
Hine, are you glad you've decided to join the family?Hine: Of course. Anything I can do to help out my little girl, I'll do. Plus I get to spend time with my grand babies.

Rachel: Oh
Hine, maybe you shouldn't have greeted Bob Profitt. He's bad news.Hine: Well we're having a welcoming/remodeling party. So we've been welcoming everyone.
Hine: See, we call some contractors and they came right over and put up the little Mother's house in the back. It's just a bedroom and bath really, but it's all I need. I spend most my time in the main house with the family anyway.

Rachel: Oh hey Danton! What are you up to?
Danton: Gotta teach my boy Mango to walk.

Pania is helping Strawberry learn.
Rachel: How's the party going?
Danton: All right I think.

Rachel: Oh, I guess not. Looks like Bob is picking on everyone and picking fight.
Me: Ellie's one of the neighbor girls. At least she got away from Bob the terrible.

Rachel: Looks like the kids aren't taking to talking too quickly.

Danton: Yeah, but those both learned in the end.
Rachel: Well that's good.
-The Next Day-
Pania: Nice to meet you Lexi.
Rachel: Oh another new neighbor I see. Wait I heard something about her.
Me: Yeah, that's Lexi Skywalker, she's been getting around. I mean she's already visited someone, not that she gets around, which she does. I mean...
Rachel: *Glares at me.*
Me: Sorry, go ahead.
Rachel: Nice work
Hine. What are you going to do now?Hine: Retire. These kids need me.
Rachel: Good plan, cause yeah they sure do.

Rachel: Starting a little young
dontcha think?
Lexi: *innocently* Why whatever do you mean?
Rachel: Put the toddler down and talk to someone your own age.

Rachel: Man that one looks like it hurt.
Hine: It's OK, it's all in fun. Do you know my friend Ben Long?
Rachel: I don't
believe we've met. Nice to meet you.
Me: You know Ben, he's a Maxis tow...
Ben: *doing a duck and cover move* What the heck was that?
Rachel: Just the wind, don't mind her, I mean it. Why don't you two play some chess.

Rachel: And I see Danton and
Pania have taken the opportunity to have a date while the twins sleep.

Rachel: Where are you guys going?
Danton: Um no where. Can we have some privacy?
Pania: She can watch if she wants.
Rachel: Watch what?
Me: *blushing* Come along, it's not appropriate.
-the next day-

Rachel: Man
Hine, you sure do spend a lot of time on the phone.Hine: It's the least i can do to help out my daughter and her husband. The TV Station has been scouting them to do a husband and wife cooking show, but they said the kids need some more connections. That's where I come in.
Rachel: Good thinking

Rachel: Looks like you're working on making some friends too huh?
Danton: Whatever I can do.

Rachel: Oh boy, it's the twins' birthday! Time to get out
the party horns.

Rachel: What a handsome young man you are Mango.
Mango: Thanks lady. I like my new hair cut.
Rachel: Me too sweetie. It's your sister's turn to grow up now.

Rachel: *singing* Happy Birthday Dear Strawberry!

Rachel: Strawberry you are lovely young lady.
Definitely taking after the Holiday side of the family.
Ahh, thanks lady.

Rachel: Working off some of that baby fat.
Oww, ouch. Shake it off Pania.

Rachel: Holy crap! What are we doing on the ceiling?
Me: Just thought you should see this.
Rachel: What? Why?
Umm, I'm afraid of heights.Me: Really? Hum, I'm not. You'll find out why we were up here later.
Rachel: Fine, can we get down now.
Me: All right, cry baby.
Hine: Hi there, Madalyn. That's a lovely tropical dress you have there.
Rachel: Making more friends?
Hine: Yep.
-That night-
Me: Holy cow, this can only mean one thing!

Danton: Yep, they picked up our show. We're
Celebrity Chefs!
Rachel: Great!

Danton: But that doesn't mean we'll be having someone else raise our kids.

Danton: we do want to pass on our cooking skills to them though.

Pania, do you feel the same as your husband?Pania: Most definitely.

-The next day-
Pania: Oh my goodness!
Pania, you're pregnant! Congrats. I didn't even know you were trying.Pania: We weren't. I hope we don't get in trouble.
Rachel: Why would you get in trouble?
Pania: From the Mayor. Because of what he said in advisory letter.Me: Tell her it will be OK.
Pania: I heard that.

Rachel: Um, hey
Hine. What's going on?Hine: Madalyn and I have become a, umm, a couple.
Rachel: Well great. How does
Pania feel about it?Hine: She was shocked at first, but she's fine with it. As long as I'm happy.
Rachel: That's great!

Hine: Madalyn is moving with us.
Rachel: That's fast.
Me: *Cheers throat*
Rachel: I mean, that's great!

Rachel: Oh excuse us.
Me: Yeah I don't think we need to see old lady WooHoo, as lovely as the ladies are, umm, clothed.-the next day, Saturday-

Rachel: Looks like they're passing along more of those cooking skills.
Pania: Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel: Quick everyone, get your
botties over here!!!
Pania: Meet Kiwi.
Rachel: Awe, she's beautiful.

Rachel: Looks like the rest of the family is pretty excited.
Salla: Hi, I'm Salla Skywalker. My family just moved here from Viosinage-Partage.
Mango: You're pretty.
Rachel: Yes, she is. Despite the poor taste in clothing.

Ahh and it looks like Strawberry is talking to Madalyn's grandson Parker Jonas.

Rachel: Oh, Danton, I'm sorry.
Danton: It's OK. Just enjoying a much needed bubble bath.
Rachel: well it looks like it's time to head out. See you next week.
Dnaton: Bye.
Points: Lots, 2 Top of Careers for Pania and Danton
3 for new Sims: Hine, Madalyn, and Kiwi
So 5 Points total

Kiwi was the result of Risky WooHoo, although I really was hoping for her. The nice thing about having a Romance Sim and a Pleasure Sim married to each other is they go on a lot of dates and want to WooHoo A Lot!

Funny Picture:

Strawberry turned to look at me and it looks like she has a breed. Although you really see how pretty she is, minus the breed of course.


Twoyys4me said...

Lots of entertainment this round- congrats on the double LTW's achieved.
Love the kids names- cute pic at the end there.
The 'granny flat' was cool, and how great that Granny has a new friend- thanks for sparing us the pics... LOL.

Rubywyld said...

What and expression on Pania's face when she pops the baby bump, LOL. And Strawberry calling you 'lady', ...too funny.

Bubbs said...

Nice update. :) Only one kid the next time? That risky woo-hoo really likes you huh? The kids look great, can't wait to see where they go. :) Love the house for Madalyn, too cool!

ruby said...

wow you really are holding back with the kids! I am impressed!
Great looking fruit you got in this family.
So glad Hine came to live with her daughter and the family... more importantly she found love. how sweet!

PRMami said...

WOW Mango and Strawberry are cute!
Congrats on TOC AND LTW woohee!

Great update :)

ASimWen said... nice seeing the gang from Viosinage Partage. :) Pretty kids. I like Risky Woo Hoo, I have only had it give me a baby once when I wasn't looking for was a nice surprise.

Janet said...

Nice to see Hine moving in and wee Kiwi being born. I love the granny flat!

Congratulations on the joint cooking show (as well as joint LTWs and TOCs)

Kay said...

Strawberry and Kiwi are really cute, love the names :) What's wrong with Bob Profitt? He looks like the town crab! lol Congrats on fulfilling so many LTW's. Enjoyed the update!!!

Charity said...

Ooh! I like the little granny flat out back.
Yay! Double LTWs! That's neat how they both got it the same night.
Granny's got a girl! Go granny!
Tada! I am now officially caught up! Yay!

Mandie said...

Great update Rachel! I loved this family! The kids turned out to be super cute, and I really like the fruit theme for their names! Kiwi is too cute...tell me, is that one picture of baby Kiwi and Pania a pose using the art track camera? For some reason, my sims can't pose together using that camera! I wonder why? Any ideas?

Melissa said...

Great update. That Risky Whoo hoo does like you! I have yet to get an unplanned baby.

Shaunna said...

This is a BIG family. Lots going on...loved it though. LOL Bob is a jerk face! Hine never should have greeted him.

Ellie the townie is sweet you need to get her married in *hint hint*. I am partial as it is my neice's name!

Anonymous said...

Is Hine an original Maxi townie? She looks exactly like my Marita (Bornemo) Myhr
and she's an original Maxi townie

Rachel said...

Nope, Hine was part of one the Fellowships, I want to say 2. She is Pania's mom.

ciyrose said...

Awww...I like the kids. This family has worked out really well for having a romance sim in it.