Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vega House 2 - Round 3

Last time Temple and Aston (Dante) Vega bought this house after college, got married and had a baby, Lucida and bought a dog, Trixie. These two are, well, boring. All they do is skill, but hey they play fast. A career in the science field never came up last week, so they are both working in different fields for the time being. Ah and this is one of my favorite naming schemes. Only a few people know it so far.

Rachel: Oh no! Poor Lucida took Leeland's break up very hard. It will be OK honey.

Rachel: Nice job Temple!
Temple: Why thank you. I am still looking for a job in science but it's nice to have success regardless.

Rachel: Congrats to you too Aston!
Aston: Thanks.

Aston: It's OK sweetie. Leeland is better off without that evil woman Kricket.
Me: Evil?!?! Kricket was the victim of his infidelity, lies and drinking problem!
Rachel: Shh. Let him comfort her, even if he is so wrong.
Me: All right.

Rachel: Oh boy it's little Lucida's birthday!

Lucida: Yippee! I get to go to school tomorrow!
Rachel: You're really excited about going to school?
Lucida: Yes Mame. I want to learn!
Rachel: I think your parents have had a real impact on you. That's great!

Aston: So now that Lucida is older do you want another baby?
Temple: Nah. We have our girl. I think we're good.
Me: Um that could be a problem.
Rachel: *To me* Why?
Me: Well see this naming scheme is sort of hard and people sort of need another name to figure it out.
Rachel: Well I can't force them to have another baby.
Me: I can, but I won't. WooHoo isn't 100% safe, we'll have to hope she gets pregnant on her own.

Lucida: Hi there puppy. Mom and Dad are always so busy learning. You get so lonely. That's OK, we can play.
-The next afternoon-

Rachel: Oh Lucida, looks like you brought a friend home from school.
Lucida: Yeah, this is Sleet. he's my friend.
Rachel: That's great.

Rachel: Oh looks like Aston is helping Lucida with her homework. We'll check in with them later.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Looks like Trixie is trying to make friends with a stray while no one else is around.

Rachel: Oh hey, these guys finally got jobs in the science track. They never tell me anything.

Rachel: Great job Temple!
Temple: Thanks! Just one set away from Mad Scientist!

Rachel: Aston what's wrong? You just got promoted.
Aston: Ugh, thank goodness. Those students were driving me nuts.
Rachel: Well you don't have to deal them anymore.

Rachel: Oh look Temple has her nose in a book. Surprise, surprise. But wait who is that by her?
Me: That's Lily Skywalker from the shared hood. Daughter of Leia and Quavi, not the Quavi you know though.
Rachel: Oh, that was confusing, but OK.

Temple: Oh No!!!
Me: YES!!!
Temple: What was that?
Rachel: Oh nothing. So looks like another baby is on it's way.
Temple: Yep. It wasn't planned, but we will be OK.

Rachel: And look at how these two are spending the pregnancy. Studying. At least they have funny expressions.

Rachel: Hey Lucida.
Lucida: Hey Rachel.
Rachel: Don't you think you should be wearing something other than your nightgown to be running the course?
Lucida: I'm OK.

Rachel: Must be an A+. Great job Lucida!!
Lucida: Thanks! I'm floating on air!!!

Rachel: Looks like the pregnancy is really hard on Temple. Temple!

Temple: What?
Rachel: I think it's time for bed.

Rachel: OK, I know that look. Aston! The baby is on it's way!!!

Temple: It's a girl! Arial.
Rachel: What a pretty name.

Temple: Look at my itty bitty baby! So cute.

Rachel: Oh sorry Temple. I guess the desert site would have been better.

Lucida: High there Mommy. You stink!
Temple: I know I'm going to shower now.

Lucida: I love you Sleet.
Sleet: I love you too Lucida.
Rachel: I wonder if we have a future couple here?

Rachel: Nice going Aston!
Aston: Thanks!

Rachel: Wow and it's already Arial's birthday!

Rachel: Hi there Arial. You are a sweetie pie are you?

Aston: OK, time to use the potty sweetie.
Rachel: Well *yawn*, I think it's time to go now. See you all next week. Hopefully these two girls will liven things up a little next week.

Me: All right so do you think you know the naming scheme now?
Points: 1 for Arial

Funny Picture:

Lucida was so upset she wouldn't let go of the nanny.


PRMami said...


LOL I know how you feel when nothing really happens on a lot - it does get boring but hey at least you have another kid born :)

My Boaz's Ruth said...

I still think it is the same as what I said last time.

ASimWen said...

Hehe nice go on a lot that you don't find interesting. :) The kids are cute, of course. Like that dog Trixie...did she make friends with the stray?

ruby said...

I always love your bloopers.
Poor Lucida, she really took that break up hard. Glad she was able to grow up well. Or um, did she? She may have been floating, but I'm not sure she was pleased about it!
Arial is a cute one and hopefully next week things will get more exciting for you.

Charity said...

I agree with PRMami. I say fonts. I knew I heard Lucida somewhere before.
I was kind of hoping that one of them would have Temple's ears though.
Man this neighbourhood is growing! It will be interesting to see how many different householsd you'll have when you're done.

ciyrose said...

I'm pretty sure I was right with fonts. Arial is super cute. I understand about "boring" families. I have a few of those.