Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dante 2 - Round 3

A Ladies Man at 4
Last time Sasha and Destin returned from college and purchased this house. Sasha came down with the flu immediately which postponed their wedding. They eventually did get married but then Sasha fell ill once more delaying their having kids. Sasha started herself on fire, but survived. Destin made her some cheesecake to cheer her up. October and May were born at the very end of the round.

Rachel: Why hello there pup, well a very old pup.
Sasha: This is Baby. She just joined the family. We were doing some shopping down at Planetary Pets.
-Sasha and Destin head to work-

Rachel: Bad Baby, Bad Baby! Something sounds wrong about that.

Rachel: Congrats Destin! I know how you want to be Captain Hero. One step closer.

Rachel: Sasha, you slipped past me. Getting a cat too?
Sasha: Yep, Meet Sophie.

Sasha: And a playmate for Sophie, Dave. Let's go home kitties

Rachel: Well I don't really think the wheel well is the best place to ride, but who am I to judge?

Rachel: I always knew you were a cat person.

Rachel: Wow! It's already the twins' birthday!

Rachel: Awe, May's cute. What's with the blue tux?

Rachel: you can tell October is a Holiday. Ok, a pink tux! Maybe the twins should swap.

Rachel: Dave, what's on TV? What has this little guy so fascinated? Oh Finding Nemo!

Rachel: Oh my God, Sasha do you have the flu again? Quite, someone call 911!
Me: Calm down. She's just teaching Sophie how to play dead.

Me: See she's fine.
Rachel: She should really have told someone that's what she's doing. She freaked me out.

Sasha: You've got it Sophie.

Rachel: Much better teaching October to walk. That's not scary at all.

Rachel: Why would Destin use a Flashbang instead of a smoke screen? That was just stupid!
Me; Umm, yeah, when it was so obvious.

Rachel: Looks like October loves the kitties.

Rachel: Not only that, but he loves the ladies.
Me: Katie Kaufman from my Toddler Mania Challenge.

Me: Temperance Kirkendall from the Fellowship

Me: And Quita Skywalker. (the unborn daughter of Leia and Quavi in the Shared hood)

Destin: Come on honey take those steps for daddy.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Nice work both of you!
Me: You know I never noticed how hot Destin is. Must be the hair.

Rachel: Man it's already the twin's birthday again!

Me: I haven't decided who May takes after, but I have a feeling she's going to be pretty.

Me: October definitely looks like a Holiday. Strapping.
Rachel: Excuse me, I thought I was the narrator?
Me: Oh sorry.

Rachel: Looks like the perfect job for a nanny.

Rachel: Looks like Sophie and Baby are getting along. But what about Sophie and Dave. I want to see these two have kittens.
Sasha: They don't get along so far. Dave is mean.

Rachel: Look who we have here. It's Lynn and she's making one of her very rare visits to a house instead of shopping.
Lynn: I'm shy, what can I say?
Me: Don't disturb them, I want Lynn in as playable, so she needs someone to fall for her.
Rachel: He's 8.
Me: Yeah, now, but give it a couple weeks. We need good friendships.
Rachel: Well I'm glad October was able to pull himself away the adult or teen ladies long enough to learn to study. *looks at me* You're sick you know that? Where's May?

Rachel: *Rolls eyes* Oh here she is talking to Ian Kaufman, Katie's brother. How appropriate.
Me: You've done the same thing with your daughters, ya hypocrite.

Rachel: And after making friends with a boy twice her age May is learning to study too.

Rachel: Well time sure has flown and it's time for me to get a move on. Wait a minute, there were no babies born. Sasha isn't even pregnant. What gives?
Me: These two are both very interested in making friends, not a family. 2 kids are fine with them. Plus haven't you heard about the letter from the Mayor?
Rachel: No, what letter?
Me: You will in due time I guess. Let's get going.
Rachel: What? Come on, tell me! Awe man.

Points: Not a one


ASimWen said...

Dave the cat even looks mean. LOL Wow Quavi and Lea's girl is beautiful!!!!!

Bubbs said...

Nice mean Sasha isn't having more kids? Neat pets. :)

PRMami said...

OMGawd those photos of October holding those cats is funny - it looks like he's choking them bwhahahahaa
Destin is hot; I made him using a Brad Pitt template. Brad Pitt is the Holidays great great great great grandpops don cha know? lol

Nice update as aleays Rachel

Mao said...

Oooh, I love the toddler's cuddling the cats/dogs. And Dave is very cool looking! October is quite the ladies man... hehe. Letter from the mayor? Are you enacting a "only this many kids" policy?

Kay said...

The twins are really cute! So are the pets! Sophie sure knows how to ride home in style! lol Super update!

My Boaz's Ruth said...

Do you have any idea how funny it is to see someone as an adult that isn't even born yet?

How'd you manage that?

I like the dave eating pancakes at the end! And the dog named Baby

Kristina said...

Thank you Rachel for a nice update with beautiful pictures. I love May's hairdo!

ruby said...

Hilarious, who's narrating? *giggle fits* Oh Rachel you hypocrit!
So many choices October has, some lovely choices at that! Nice job with May, she has a good looking man in her future!
Great job Rachel, funny as always

Charity said...

Love the cats riding in the wheel well! The poor cats look like they're being choked when October is cuddling with them.
Yes! A nanny cleaning the litter box! Revenge is served!
Hmmm.. I want to see this letter from the mayor!

Shaunna said...

Just the intro paragraph had me cracking up at the memories from round 2! LOL!

The twins look great (love the hair BTW and are growing up fast. Tho it is unusual (and hard to avoid temptation) I am glad these two are only having the two kiddos!

ciyrose said...

Awww....the kids are cute. This is a nice family, and it's kind of nice that they are small.