Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rosada 4 Round 3

Puppy Love
Last time Ariana and Adrian (Lancaster) Rosada come back from college and promptly got married. They started their family right away with cheesecake twins, Rogue and Logan. They also got a puppy, Suzi.

Rachel: Well it's time to visit the 4th and last Rosada family and... what have we here? Oh yes, it's Samuel. He was given to Ariana by Santos Cooprider. Hey there little fella.

Rachel: Even the dreaded nanny likes this little guy.

Rachel: Ah yes and Ariana and Adrian must be at work. The twins are busy playing with their bunnies.

Rachel: And Suzi is running in her sleep. I love it when they do that!

Rachel: Um Karen, maybe you could take a minute away from playing with the puppy and actually check in on the toddlers. Sound good? No? Crap.

Rachel: Oh Adrian thank goodness you're home. The nanny spent all day playing with Samuel. The twins are tired now. Oh and congrats on the promotion.

Rachel: Oh hi there Ruby. I see you're making our presence known in Prosperity Point.
Me: We might have a new Blog Hog on our hands.
Rachel: I think wen still holds that title.

Rachel: Looks like the nanny isn't the only one that loves Samuel.

Rachel: looks like Suzi even likes him. I wonder if they will have puppies of their own?

Rachel: Time for the twins' birthday!

Rachel: Handsome and Logan you look like a dreamer.
Logan: Um, thanks.

Rachel: My my Rogue, you are beautiful. You look so much like your mom.
Rogue: *giggle* Thanks.
-The next day-

Rachel: Nice job Ariana. Are you looking to take over the mayor position?
Ariana: Maybe some day. With all the controversy over the former mayor's letter and now Kalliope discounting it, man I don't want that kind of pressure right now.

Rachel: Samuel is a hit with everyone, including my granddaughter, Eclair. Hey honey.
Eclair: Hi Grandma. I want a puppy.
Rachel: Some day dear.

Rachel: Shh, homework time.

Rachel: They could have put some clothes on. *Shakes head*
-The next day-

Rachel: No way, double promotions!!! Great job, both of you!!!

Ariana: Yummy, that smells good.
Rachel: What?

Ariana: Some of my famous homemade cheesecake.
Rachel: Famous, infamous, same thing is this case.

Rachel: Logan I see you and Natalie Anderson are still friends.
Logan: Yes mame.

Ariana: No way!
Rachel: Raise your hand if this surprises you. You in the back put your hand down, moron.

Rachel: Oh happy birthday Samuel! He looks just like his mom!

Ariana: Suzi, you got try for a puppy with Samuel.

Rachel: This can only mean one thing.

Rachel: Woot A+!!!

Rachel: Woot for you too Logan!!!

Rachel: Dang Logan you can throw. Might want to consider professional sports.

Logan: Hi I'm Logan. Who are you?
Jodi: I'm Jodi. Your dad asked Ruby over and she asked me to come along.
Logan: OK.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: You know Adrian I seems I only see you when you get promoted. What are you doing with yourself the rest of the time?
Adrian: Studying. You know I want to know everything right?
Rachel: Oh yes. Well it's a good thing you're getting these promotions or we wouldn't see you at all. I guess we won't see much else now though since you've reached the top of your career path.
Adrian: Only time will tell.

Rachel: Oh look my grandson Cake came home with Rogue today.
Cake: Hi Grams.

Rachel: Wow these two have made fast friends.

Ariana: Shoeflee.
Rachel: What? Shoeflee? Don't you mean shoe fly don't bother me?
Ariana: I'm in labor.
Rachel: Ah, but you can see how I'd be confused though right?

Ariana: It's a girl, Dusk.

Ariana: Ahhh!!!

Ariana: And a boy, Kent.
Rachel: Very cool. I can't help but notice that your skin color was dominant over your husband's just like the rest of your sisters have been over their husband. It's old.

Rachel: Look it's Adrian, not getting a promotion.
Adrian: I had to come see my new babies.

Rachel: Oh look 3 of my grand kids are here.
Me: They look like some sort of gang the way they're lined up.
Rachel: *glares*
Me: Sorry I thought it was funny.

Rachel: Rogue could be my future granddaughter-in-law with as much time as these two spend together.

Rachel: Oh boy, puppy time!!!

Rachel: Awe a boy and a girl. They are so cute, but now the house is full.

Rogue: I don't like the law makers they want to get rid of people like us.
Me: No dear you're just channeling who you're named after.
Rogue: *Scared* what was that?
Rachel: It's ok.

Rachel: Logan is making friends left and right and all with ladies.

Jan: I couldn't possibly just take her. Let me give you something.
Ariana: If you must.

Jan: Janey, I'm Jan. You sure are a cutie. I know the girls will love you too.

Rachel: Wow, already time for the babies' birthday.

Ariana: Quick to the potty!

Rachel: Ah and I see Kent got his dad and grandpa's blue hair.

Rachel: There you are again Adrian.
Adrian: well you should be seeing a lot more of me next week. I know everything now, so I can spend more family time.
Rachel: Cool and congrats! It looks like it's about time to head out. See you all next week!

So with the new babies, do you know the naming scheme for sure yet?
Points: 6.
2 for Dusk and Kent
1 for TOC for Adrian
3 for Impossible Want of Maxing all Skills for Adrian

Funny Pictures:

Ariana always sleeps with her eyes open. Never noticed it before.

Rogue, do you have to reach through your chest to get your report card?

Ariana goes into labor and suddenly I can see nakie Adrian in the tub upstairs.


Twoyys4me said...

Great update!
Funny how the Nanny's get so easily distracted huh? ;)
Samuel was a cute addition- there's always lots of births in your families- noted the infamous cheesecake- lol.
Another round of lovely babies/toddlers and children- how great they all look.
Nice job on the LTW and the bloopers made me laugh- arm through chest looked very painful.

PRMami said...

Ahh it has to be the X-MEN theme,
Anyway you sure have tons of kids in your families don'cha? Will you be sending all those kids that were born in this round to college too? OY!

Adrain sure looks tons like Zachary Lancaster - I had to do a double take lol

Bubbs said...

Your grandkids really do look like a gang coming over, lol. More cheesecake kids? LOL, this theme is an easy one as I love the X-men. Great update!

ASimWen said...

hehehe great updates as always. Getting the hang of getting pets to mulitiply, I see. :)

ruby said...

Yeah its simme again! I'm really trying to take the title from Wen.. its going to take a lot of work and wasn't it kind of simme to bring Jodi along? *giggle*
Great looking kids! Shame none have Adrian's skin tone, yet...
Man you had me laughing so hard! Shoeflee and the bloopers, especially Adrian's nekkie body from the tub.

Charity said...

Babies and puppies and gangs, oh my! What a cute bunch! (And I agree, they do look like a gang.)
I almost died laughing at the bloopers, especially the last one - how dainty with the poised foot!

Jacqueline said...

Me: They look like some sort of gang the way they're lined up.


I thought the same thing! How funny!

Morgan said...

I think I've finally guessed the theme. Is it super heroes in general?

ciyrose said...

LOL...those bloopers were funny. The kids DID look like a gang they way they were all lined up and looked like they had that walk down. lol. The babies here are all so cute too!