Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cooprider 2 - Round 3

Last time we visited Michaell and Santos bought this new house, but instead of getting married right away, Michaell came down with the dreaded flu. So things were postponed a bit. Eventually she got better and they wed, their daughter Dolphin was born shortly after. We left Michaell pregnant with a single child. But the real question was could she avoid cheesecake for the whole round?

Rachel: Hey Santos. Ever the douting father I see.
Santos: Of course, my family is everything.

Santos: *cough, cough* I think I'm going to have to miss a day of work.
Rachel: What are you doing? Faking being sick?
Santos: Sort of. Micheall is sick again and we were all told to stay in the house.

Rachel: Oh I see. I hope she gets better soon.
*Note, this is still the old flu that was going around, not it returning*

Rachel: HI Micheall. Feeling better?
Michaell: * tummy pops out a bump* Yeah, pregnancy is rough though.
Rachel: Don't I know it.
-Santos hops in the car and heads to Planetary Pets-

Santos: HI there Ann. You sure a pretty puppy. How about you come home with me?

Ann: *Rough*
Me: Anybody else find it weird that Ann is thinking about Dolphin, who she has never met?

Rachel: Wait what is going on now?

Santos: I just couldn't pick just one. Plus some puppies would be really cool.

Santos: All right time to head home.
-The next morning-

Rachel: Awe, Dolphin is getting acquainted with her new puppies.

Rachel: Dolphin get away from the dog food. Your mom is bringing you a bottle right now.

Dolphin: *giggles*
Rachel: All right, at least you stopped eating it.

Rachel: Nice job Santos.

Michaell: Umm, no. Dolphin is a toddler. Try calling back in a couple days.

Rachel: Ah Wen, I see your back.
Wen: Of course! I had to meet my friends' new dogs.
Rachel: I sure hope Sam is just sitting ON your foot.

Rachel: Oh someone tell Sophie it's Dolphin's birthday, so she can call her now. Wait is that Rose asleep in her food? Maybe someone should get her up.
Santos: Nah, she's tired, let her sleep.

Rachel: Dolphin, you are a cutie pie.
Dolphin: Hehe, thanks.
-The next morning-

Michaell: EEeewwwww!!!
Rachel: Oh boy, the baby's here! Or will it be two?

Michaell: Meet our second baby girl, Orca.

Rachel: Just one?
Michaell: Yep! Oh crap gotta go.

Rachel: wait Santos, where did Michaell run off to so quickly?
Santos: Whose the cutest baby? Oh sorry. She had to go to work. She loves her kids, but she's trying to focus on her career right now. Oh the car pool will be here for me soon too. I hope the nanny gets here soon.

Rachel: Typical. Seriously lady, she's right next to the crib. How hard would it have been to actually put her in it?

Rachel: Aw, look it's Prosperity Point's latest social butterfly, umm, Butterfly.

Dolphin: Hi Daddy.
Santos: Hi dear. How was your first day of school?
Dolphin: OK. Cousin Butterfly came home with me today.
Santos: That's great dear. I need to run an errand. I'll be back soon.

Rachel: Wait, you're adopting a third dog?
Santos: Ahh, yeah. I asked for a male dog with Sam, but for some reason they gave me a second female. Well, I want to breed them, so we're getting Cade too.
Rachel: *looks at me* Do you know anything about this?
Me: *Whistling, hoping we can breeze over my little mistake* Let's head back to the house.

Michaell: OK, make sure your cursive is just right.
-The Next Day-

Rachel: Way to go!

Rachel: Double way to go!

Rachel: Wow, it's already Ocra's first birthday! How fast time flies!

Rachel: Another cutie!

Santos: All right Sam, you and Cade go try for some puppies.

-The Next day-

Rachel: Another great decision Santos!

Michaell: Get back here Cade, you aren't done with your bath yet!
Rachel: Things not going so well with Cade?
Michaell: He has an unpredictable personality. We're working on it though.

Rachel: Way to go Dolphin, A+!!!

Rachel: Wow, a Surgeon already!
Santos: Gee thanks. I really want another baby though. My ultimate wish is to have 6 grand children and 2 babies each would be much easier on my girls than 3.
Rachel: This is true. Well, will you settle for some puppies right now? Ann is getting along well with Cade too.

Santos: Yeah, even more puppies will be good.

Rachel: Hey Kricket!
Kricket: Hi Rachel. Michaell asked me over to dinner to help cheer me up. She's a great older sister. She even offered me Cade to help be a watch dog in case Leeland tries to bother us again.
Me: And Ann couldn't get pregnant until he was gone because Sam's puppies took up all the free spots in the house.
Kricket: What was that?
Rachel: Nothing, enjoy dinner and Dolphin wants to talk about the impact the oil industry has on the global economy. She's really smart.

Santos: Come on honey. Just take that first step.

Kricket: You are such a smart little girl.
Rachel: I'd say your niece is smart. She's discussing Algebra!

Rachel: And Sam just stopped barking at the TV and is now watching it patiently. That's a new one.

Rachel: Yippeee!!!!!! Way to go Michaell!!!
Michaell: Thanks! Once I use up my vacation days, I'll be switching to the medical field.

Rachel: And the girls spend their pregnancies sleeping in the matching dog houses. I think someone had better clean Sam's soon though.

Rachel: Ocra, meet Guido Roma. Handsome, huh?
Orca: *giggles*

Rachel: Oh boy, Puppy Time!!!

Rachel: Three puppies Santos!!!
Santos: Yeah, I'm excited! Meet, Spike, Samuel, and Spunky.

Rachel: Puppy play time!

Rachel: Then it's time for a bath.

Rachel: What is going on?

Santos: 3 puppies were too much for us, so we're giving the boys away. We'll see if we keep Spunky too once Ann has her pups.
Rachel: And you're giving Spike to Leeland! Your wife is NOT going to be happy about that.
Santos: I know he treated my sister-in-law badly, but he is still my friend.

Santos: And little Samuel went to Ariana. She wanted a playmate for Suzi.
Rachel: Well I guess that means I'll get to see what they grow up to look like sooner, so that's OK.

Santos: Hard to beleive my baby is already having another birthday.

Rachel: Oh Ocra, you're gorgeous!
Ocra: Thanks Lady!

Rachel: Well looks like it's already time for me to head out. Ann hasn't had her pups yet, *sigh* right away next week I guess. See you all around!
Dolphin: Bye!!!

I really can hardly wait to see if Ann's pink fur passes to any of her pups.
Points: 2, 1 for a new sim, Orca and the other for TOC for Michaell.


Twoyys4me said...

Wow.. so much to comment on this round!
First of all- love the Ghostbusters car!
The new dogs are cuties, and their puppies adorable.. (didn't notice your two girl mistake- honest..;).
No Cheesecake this round? haha.. that's so not like you!
All the cuddly toddler/pet pics are so cute- I never get tired of seeing them.
How funny that someone called asking to speak to Dolphin.. never seen that before.
Love the doggie watching tv- makes a change from them barking at it!
Little Orca sure is a beauty too, can't wait for next week!
I love Santos' shirt- should get one of those for my hubby... lol.

Bubbs said...

Wow- instead of twins, we get PUPPIES!! Great job with two pregnant doggies. :) The girls are cute, the neighborhood boys will be knocking loudly for them.

PRMami said...

Wow you are posting your chapters out good! I'm still working on my chapter and this update will be long due to some serious dynamics going on in a lot I have -
This was cute the girls are so pretty and poor Ann still didn't have her pups ? Looking forward to seeing them next time :)

Kerry said...

Fun update--so many pets! I loved how Orca kept coming up as Ocra--is it you who has the veggie theme in one of the houses? Maybe she's a changeling!

How did it work, getting Ann pregnant after you moved Cade out? I haven't figured out this whole pet breeding thing yet, I get so confused! I don't know how to give them away, either. I sold two dogs to townies, and then they turned up as strays, which bothers me, too.

Anyway, I enjoyed the update, with all the pups!

Kay said...

Oh, the doggys and puppies are sooo cute :) Dolphin and Ocra are just adorable! Really enjoyed the update!

ASimWen said...

Gosh I have never thought about Pet DNA before. Heh. That would be interesting about the pink fur. Of course ASimWen would want to meet the dogs. She is a real animal lover *cough8-only-if-*cough*-they-are-cats-*cough*

lol Yes, the Coopriders make pretty kids because of those high cheekbones.

Shaunna said...

OMG...I think I did it. I actually got caught up *pats self on back*. Okay, now I am hooked and need another get on it woman! LOL!

I love the custom hair dos on dolphin and orca. Very cute!

Mandie said...

Dolphin and Orca are beautiful!!! Where did you get Orca's pretty hair (childhood hair)? I love it!! And I love your Prosperity Challenge families! Mind if I add you to my links list on my blog?

Charity said...

Puppies! I've had a serious puppy lust lately, and all these doggies aren't helping!
And hey - at least you picked an androgynous name for Sam, not a name like William or something, lol.
A toddler that knows Algebra! That's so funny!
Ann is dreaming of smartmilk for her puppies, lol. If only that did work!
I like the pink fur. I've also unlocked a neon green one, so I'm intrigued to see what other colors and patterns open up.

ciyrose said...

Lots of puppies how cute! Orca is super pretty....both girls are. Such a sweet family.

Chrissy Brown said...

The girls are beauties! :)