Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fosythe House 1 Round 3

Nor Fog, nor Sleet
Last time Rose and Bryon (Lancaster) Fosythe graduated college and got a brand new house. Rose wants to own 5 top level businesses so after some clothes shopping, the wedding and the honeymoon, she bought Little 'N Local. After getting that one to level 10 with Bryon's help, she sold it for Planetary Pets which she also worked up to level 10. Upon returning home she discovered she was pregnant and had twin daughters. Bryon wants to graduate 3 kids from college so they got started on baby number 3.

Rachel: Hi there Bryon. How is everything?
Bryon: Hi Rachel. Things are good but I heard there is a storm coming.
Rachel: Yep lots of snow, but it's not 'til next week. We'll worry about it then.

Rachel: Teehee, look it's Bonkers. She's SO cute.
Me: step away from the cat.
Rachel: What?
Me: You were going to catnap her last week. You're a dog person anyway. It's the twins' birthday.
Rachel: Oh boy!

Rachel: Oh Snow, I think you're going to be a real heart breaker.
Snow: Thanks lady.

Rachel: Oh and Rain, you are lovely too!
Rain: Yippee!!!

Rachel: Oh congratulations Rose! You're doing well on your badges I see.
Rose: Ahhh!
Rachel: Oh crap, sorry you're in labor.
Rose: No, hehewho, fooling!

Rose: Honey, it's a boy we should call him Sleet.

Rose: Oh my goodness not again!!!

Rose: We have another son, Fog.
Rachel: Cool, so Bryon should be happy now, he has 4 kids.
Rose: Yeah for now. We'll see what happens next.

Rachel: Oh Rain I see you brought home my granddaughter, Eclair from school.
Rain: Bang! Hehe, got you lady!
Rachel: Oh no, you got me! *thud*
Rain: You OK Lady?
Rachel: That thud wasn't me.

Rachel: Oh it was Snow. You OK honey?
Snow: I think so.
Rachel: Good, try letting go next time OK.
Rose: Kids, your dad and I are going out. We've got a new store to run.

Rachel: Ah Flowers and More. Now I know why Bryon has been making so many floral arrangements.
Rose: *to Jenn* Look at this wonderful fountain.

Jenn: Oh boy, I have to have it!

Rachel: Oh look a new customer and a new comer to Prosperity Point.
Me: Yep, It's Rudy, she writes the Cedar Park Prosperity.
Rachel: She what's the what?
Me: Nevermind.
Rachel: And she's even buying something.

Rachel: Ahh and one of Little and Local's very first customers Kimberly Emmis is checking out the new store.

Rachel: Ut-Oh Bryon it's that Paul guy that beat you up at the Caligula house. Quick go pay him off.
Bryon: OK.

Rachel: Wow a rate 10 business already!
Me: And look that last star was from another shared hood transplant, Mario Morreli!

Rachel: Going for an electronics store next Rose?
Rose: Yep, but that will have to wait 'til next week. We're going work on the home business and raising the kids the rest of this week.
Rachel: Sounds like a good plan.

Rain: Awe man.
Rachel: What's wrong rain?
Rain: My grades aren't the best. We forgot to do our homework last night.
Rachel: Make sure you do it tonight, they'll go up soon.
Rain: OK, thanks lady.

Rachel: Hey Ares, how are you.
Ares: OK, I came to play with Rain.
Rachel: Get to it then little man.

Snow: Awe!
Rachel: I know hun. It will get better. First it's your brothers' birthday.

Byron; Look at my little fancy man, Sleet.

Rose: And Fog is ready for the snow.

Rachel: Oh good Bryon is helping the girls with their homework. I won't bother them.

Rachel: Oh and we have another birthday. Bonkers has grown up!

Rose: Come to Mommy Fog.

Bryon: Come to Daddy Sleet.

Rachel: Doesn't look like the teaching to talk is going as well.

Bryon: They came around though.

Rachel: Bad Bonkers! Don't destroy Rain's homework!

Rachel: OK Rain now don't throw yourself down the alley like your sister did.
Rain: OK. Yes!
Rachel: Good job.

Rachel: what's going on Bryon? I thought this was a venue business.
Bryon: It is, but we just thought we'd try to move some of the inventory we had left over from the flower shop. Once it's gone the shelves will go.

Rachel: See it got better Snow!!!

Rachel: Oh and and an A+ for Rain too! Great job girls!

Rachel: Now I know where Bonkers got her name, she runs around crazily all the time.

Rachel: Wow, more success. Nice job Rose!
Rose: Thanks!

Rachel: Wow more birthdays already!

Rachel: Oh my Fog, you are handsome. You have prettiest bluish-green eyes.
Fog: Pretty?
Rachel: I mean rugged and manly.

Rachel: I think we've got another heartbreaker in Sleet. You're handsome too!
Sleet: Thanks!

Rachel: Oh and a couple more new Prosperity Point residents, Jodi.

Rachel: It's Heather.
Me: AKA Simaholic.

Rachel: My my we have a little think tank going. I won't bother them. Looks like it's time to go anyway. See you all next week if I don't get snowed into my driveway.
Me: Like I was this morning. Why do I live in Wisconsin again?

So that's where we leave them. 3 top businesses down and the home venue is almost to 9. You might notice they have less money despite their success. They had to build on a second story onto the house to move all the stuff from the lawn into the house before Seasons next week.

Points: 2 for Sleet and Fog


Rubywyld said...

Woowee, Rose and Byron are quite the fertile couple, LOL. I love the kids names, very cute family.

PRMami said...

All those babies / kids are handsome- beautiful what a full house!
I guess your naming theme is weather eh?
And I'm guessing next time you visit this lot there will be snow eh? So you preordered Seasons? :) Great update

Bubbs said...

Nice update. :) This house is growing so quickly. Good thing she is a great business owner. When do we get to see a picture of this hood? I would love to see where everyone lives in relation to everyone else. :)

Twoyys4me said...

Another great update and a lovely bunch of good looking kids.
Byron will want 10 kids now y'know. ;)
Great job with the businesses- it's hard work combining them all.

ruby said...

*squealing and clapping my hands* It's me, it's me! And I bought something! Um, what did I buy? Oh it doesn't matter. I'm just glad I could help the business out. Wow 3 at level 10 already? I'm so jealous! I think I need to take pointers from you!
The boys are so handsome and the girls are adorable!

Kerry said...

Those kids really grew up nicely. And I'm very jealous about the businesses. I've been confused, though--sounds like you don't have to own all five at the same time? You can sell them off after they get to level 10? That's good to know. I am really struggling with that LTW.

I would love to see a neighborhood tour and pix, too! It's really grown.

ASimWen said...

Time for me once again to be impressed. :) Great job on the businesses. I hate it when I see that LTW roll up, like I dislike 50 Dream Dates. Ugh.

Unlike you, I have not given thoughts to getting stuff off the lawn. I guess I will wrestle with that lot by lot. hehehe Gosh, what about our pets that live outside???

Nice kitty Bonkers. hehehe

Nice to meet my fellow simmers!

ciyrose said...

Hey it's Ruby...Hi Ruby *waves*. Those kids are so cute. Such pretty eyes and genes overall. Great job on the businesses. Apparently I need tips on business from you...I have this LTW.