Monday, February 05, 2007


Love or Friendship?
We find ourselves once again at a University round. We welcome 8 new Freshmen to Sim State. This time it will be narrated by me with interjections from Sim me, instead of the normal other way around.

Wowzies, great going kids!

Let's meet the kids. This is Xuane Skywalker. He's originally from the Shared Hood. His mom, Elizabeth died before he was born the last time I played it. He's found a home in Prosperity Point and promptly took up with my sim daughter, Erika. That's why he's become playable. He gets better hair, don't worry.

Pine Dante, was the baby Liza was pregnant with when she moved here. So he's the last of the original Dante kids. Pine has several adult females he could choose. It's just a matter of seeing what the chemistry looks like.

Ford and Sawyer Ribeiro are the twins Aimee was pregnant with when she moved her. They are the product of her relationship with a Mr. James Ford or Sawyer or Lost fame, although she denies watching the show. Both are currently looking for a woman.

Jupiter Holiday is the alien baby Andre was pregnant with upon moving here. He was dubbed the cutest kid ever by me and has a politcal platform about mac and cheese. He is a family sim and sim me is trying to get him together with her daughter, Elizabeth. They dated in high school but I have a strict 2 bolt rule and they only have 1. Will it be love, or friendship for these two?

Vincent Simmers is the only son of Wen and James (Lancaster) Simmers. He has yet to meet a girl that caught his eye.

Finally, the 2 ladies. Erika & Elizabeth Ziese-Lecy. They are natural twins of sim me and sim Marty. They couldn't be more different. Erika longs for a family of her own but Elizabeth wants a life of romance. Erika is dating her beloved Xuane where as Elizabeth prefers to keep her options open. On an interesting note, the cab took off without dropping off Elizabeth. She showed up in the list of sims. I ended up using the teleporter shrub to make her a college townie, Erika invited her over, and then I used the shrub to move her in.

Yeah some clothes shopping was in order. I know Seasons coming but man Erika looked ridiculous in that mink in the hot summer.

Looks like Pine found a 2 bolter in Galadrial Elevan. It will be interesting cause she was added as a townie still being married. I see a divorse in her future.

Ford used his friendship with Amethyst to get him in to the Greek house. They have no chemistry.

Sawyer, also got in. It's easy when there is only one Greek House member.

Meet Mary Robins, from my Toddler Mania challenge. She's a college townie. If she looks familar it's because she's a pink version of Wen. Thank goodness Vincent wasn't sttracted to her, since Wen is his mom.

Sawyer thinks she's hot, 2 bolts worth. Time to try dating.

Vincent was also accepted to Ia Wanta Llama greek house. He and Amethyst hit it off too. 2 bolts, we'll see how that one goes too.

Now over to the greek house cause I bored. The 3 new members are promptly invited to move in and began asking the rest to pledge.

Success, Mary and Sawyer are in love and Mary joins the greek house.

Erika and Xuane decide to make it official. See what I mean about better hair for him?

Sim Rachel: I can't believe another one of my girls is engaged!
Me: Amazing how fast time flies. You might want to look away for the next bit.

Amethsyt and Vincent get closer and just in time.

Amethyst graduates!

And they fall in love. Finally making them an official couple.

Me: Much better. No more Romance Sim for Elizabeth. I don't like Popularity either but at least she got a good and doable LTW.
Sim Rachel: What about her and Jupiter? They've just been friends this whole time.
Me: Still only one bolt. Let me try something. Look away again.

No Luck. Sometimes that works. I see Jupiter has fitness as a turn on. Elizabeth, quick work out.

There we go, 2 bolts.
Sim Rachel: Yippee!!!

Thanks it folks.
3 point: 2 for new sims, Xuane & Mary
1 for Summa Cum Laude for Amethyst.


Kay said...

Jupiter is a cutie! Even with the green skin! Love the elf ears! Congrats on putting so many through university at once, I think I'd go nuts :) Almost always have to clothes shopping after a birthday or arriving at college. It seems the game always puts the ugliest clothes on them, doesn't it? Great update!

ASimWen said...

Woo Xuane and Mary look good as Mary's intended too. They will make good lookin' babies. :) naturally. lol

I like your Uni updates. Great job.

Shaunna said...

That was quite the update! I still think you are one of the bravest simmers I know. OMG Jupiter is cute, but Pine *swoon* is H-O-T! Good choice for a partner for him. They should have some really good lookin babies. I am also looking forward to the Elizabeth/Jupiter babes.

ruby said...

well done as always! Hmmm, I read this and my comment is missing! What is up with blogger lately?
Anyhow just gotta say Jupiter is getting cuter and cuter, who knew it was possible!

Twoyys said...

What a great starting fund for the Gen 2 students!
Nice looking bunch of Sims.. plenty of Romance in the air and the YA's joining the Ia Wanta Llama greek house. (lol at that name).
Vincent and Amethyst make a great looking couple.
Can't wait for more!

Melissa said...

Love the match-ups you've got going here. Can't wait to see the offspring! I also have a strict 2-bolt policy.

Charity said...

Well, there goes another bunch through college. I love the variety of sims you have in this neighbourhood.
I wonder if Mary is going to be a blog-hog too? :)

Anonymous said...

I don't get it? how could Xuane's mom have died b4 he was born?? lol.
But good story anywyas. real funny and really intersting, I can never get them ALL to graduate.

Rachel said...

Xuane's mom died while pregnant in the shared hood I played. I resorected her & brought her to PP & had her give birth to Xuane.

Galena said...

You were bound determined to get Jupiter in your sim family tree weren't you? Great update though. Glad Sawyer and Ford both found ladies that suit them.

ciyrose said...

Lots of couples, and lots of sims through college. You are crazy lady with all these uni students. Great job!