Monday, September 11, 2006

Vega 1 Round 2

Vega 1 Round 2
The Triplets Go to High School

Last time we visited the Vega family it was right after they moved in. It was Coqui and her 5 kids, Bronx, Santos (teens) and Aracely, Temple and England (toddlers). Money was tight and Coqui spent most of her free time building robots to bring in extra money and had almost no time for love. At the very end of the week she found love in Andre Holiday. At his house, they got engaged and plan to marry after Andre's daughter Venice comes back from college to take over his house. The triplets became childern and Bronx and Santos went off to college, they have since graduated.

Aracely: Mommy, I'm so glad you're home! We were here by ourselves for almost an hour and social services almost came.
Coqui: What? Oh my goodness honey, I can't beleive the nanny didn't come. Thank goodness I made it home in time, I don't know what I would do without my angels.
Me: Opps, I forgot the nanny was tracking Bronx's schedule and since he didn't live there any more, no one came. That would have been bad.

Andre: Mmmhuuomod jofjod
Coqui: Sorry what was that? I was just so happy to see you.
Andre: Just saying Hi, my love. I really hope Venice comes home soon, I can't wait to start our family together.

Sim Rachel: I guess they aren't going to wait.

Me: Hey Michaell, why are you dropping off a gift for Santos here? You two live together now. Sims are weird.
Me: Yep, weird, she brought him a gnome, which Andre's son Jupiter stole that night.
Coqui: Oh boy I don't feel so good.
Sim Rachel: I hope it isn't food poisoning. I had that, it was bad.
Me: No you didn't you were pregnant from all that Dream Date WooHoo.
Sim Rachel: What do you know?
Me: Ummm everything that happens here.
Aracely: Mommy I got an A+
Coqui: Let me just finish this robot and I'll cheer dear. Then Andre is coming over. Said he's bringing a friend. I wonder who it is?
Me: Hey me...

...too. Figures.
Coqui: Well he brought Jane Tam too. He's new here. He said he used to work on Serenity, it's a Firefly vesile.
Sim Rachel: A what that's a type of what?
Me: You need to watch more Sci-Fi lady.
Coqui: Oh wow, I guess it WASN'T food poisoning!
Me: I told you.
Sim Rachel: Coqui what happened?
Coqui: I was distracted by what that lady said. She said she told me I was pregnant when I thought it was food poisioning. Really it's all her fault.
Me: Yeah, I guess it is, I did click on Try For Baby.
Coqui: What? You did what? I meant the fire.
Me: Oooohhh, yeah the fire, that's what I meant.
Coqui: Hi Monarch, nice to meet you.
Monarch: You too. Do you have a dance sphere here?
Coqui: No... why?
Monarch: I love those things.
Coqui: Well, hey stick around it's the triplets' birthday.

Sim Rachel: Temple, what's up with the poodle skirt?
Temple: My mom said this was her's when she was young. We don't have a lot of money so we had to go through and find something we like of her's. I changed my hair to match.
Sim Rachel: Very pretty.

Sim Rachel: Wow Aracely, you're Gordeous!
Aracely: Thanks ma'am. This is a brand new hair style, no one else here has it yet.

Sim Rachel: Hey Victoria, what are you doing here?
Victoria: Andre brought me with this time. He wanted me to meet his fiance and her kids. He thought I could help them get into the greek house when they go to Sim State.

Sim Rachel: Temple whose your friend?
Temple: This is Jenkins, I think he said his last name was something like Yessam. He's nice, we're just friends though.

Sim Rachel: Do you really think that the bathroom is the best place to have the baby? I mean everyone is going to try to run in here to watch and the room is way too small. People will get stuck and then not everyone can...
Coqui: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sim Rachel: Sorry I was rambling again. My bad.

Coqui: Meet Pluto.
Sim Rachel: I thought Andre was naming all his kids after planets, but Pluto isn't a planet anymore.
Me: It always will be to me! Besides it is still a dwarf planet.
Sim Rachel: Andre is such a great father!

Sim Rachel: Look at how he cuddles Pluto. I can't wait until you guys can really be together.

Sim Rachel: Happy birthday dear Pluto, who isn't named after a planet.
Me: *Gives Sim Rachel a nasty look* Is Too!
Coqui: He's all ready for the wedding!

Sim Rachel: England, where have you been this whole time?
England: Studying, mom said we really scholarship money to go to college. I took a break when I saw this beauty walk by.
Sim Rachel: Well, introduce us.
England: Rachel Ziese-Lecy this Rosario Vega.
Sim Rachel: Vega, wait, that's your last name.
England: Don't worry we aren't related.
Sim Rachel: Thanks goodness.

Sim Rachel: Wait, didn't you guys just meet and you're already flirting?

Sim Rachel: And getting your first kiss?
Me: They have 3 bolts!
Sim Rachel: 3 what?
Me: They REALLY like each other.
Sim Rachel: Ahhhh.

On that romantic note, we leave the Vega house for round 2. Just 1 point for little Pluto.


Anonymous said...

A good looking set of triplets there! This house seems so busy. There is a lot going on around there.

Just Moi said...

Wow so much is going on . Just a tid bit Coqui has a resessive skintone ( just look at Aracely ;) ) wow I love how your playing this hood. BTW I'm getting mine ready to combine :) thanks

Anonymous said...

Great update and good looking triplets - a three-bolt love interest - what luck!! :)

Anonymous said...

Awww! Temple and Rosario make such a cute couple. Lucky girl doesn't even have to change her last name ... lol.

ASimWen said...

Woo-Hoo! Lots of birthdays! And a natural three-bolter! Great!

Bubbs said...

This family is growing by leaps and bounds. :) I see BLOG HOG Wen showed up again. WTG with the 3 bolt couple.

Anonymous said...

Tee hee...little Pluto is ready for the wedding! Although I hate when they transition into strange outfits...a tux? On a toddler? Gimme a break!

ciyrose said...

PLUTO IS A PLANET!!! lol...I know "scientists" say it isn't, but it will always be one to me too. He is a cutie pie! YAY for a 3-bolt couple.